Scrabulous enthusiasts who made hue and cry after the most popular application in Facebook was removed couple of days ago probably can swift their focus into a new application named Wordscraper now. Scrabulous was one of the most famous applications which had more than 500,000 daily supporters was taken down from Facebook after a critical lawsuit filed by the Scrabble board-game maker Hasbro over the infringement issue on its copyright. Users who have attempted to access the service via their Facebook account were greeted with a disappointing notice that reads “Scrabulous is disabled for US and Canadian users until further notice.”

Besides protecting the issue of copyright, another reason Hasbro took legal action again Scrabulous is because the popularity of Scrabulous has challenged the original Scrabble game for Facebook. The original Scrabble game is a joint effort between Hasbro and videogame publisher Electronic Art. The emergence of Scrabulous has affected the original Scrabble’s popularity and affected Hasbro’s interest.

Scrabulous was created by two Indian brothers, Rajat Agarwalla and Jayant Agarwalla. As a remedy measure, the two brothers unveil a new game, Wordscraper, as a replacement for Scrabulous. Wordscraper keep the genes of Scrabble and features most of the play options available in Scrabulous. However, the Indian brothers try to create some differences compared to Scrabble. For instance, Wordscraper has a different point system; users use circles instead of squares, etc.