HTC latest masterpieces, HTC Hero, packs with the most coveted features in the modern mobile world, including powered by Google’s famous Android operating system. However, many user who are running Windows 7 (either 64-bit or the 32-bit version) are having some trouble sync-ing their Hero to their computer, as the driver is not installed properly in Windows 7. This seems to be a common problem. Luckily there is workaround and alternative sync method, by following guide below.


In order to get HTC Hero synchronizes with Windows 7 computer:

  1. Download latest specialized sync tool from HTC, namely HTC Sync 2.04 from HTC:
  2. Install the downloaded program on the computer. At this moment, your computer still unable to recognize the HTC Hero.
  3. Manually update the HTC drivers from Windows 7, using the Windows Vista drivers by installing HTC Sync software on a machine running Windows Vista and then copying the drivers (namely, androidusb.inf, androidusb.sys,, htcrndis.inf and WdfCoInstaller01007.dll in HTC Drivers folder) over to the Windows 7 machine.

    Alternatively, download pre-downloaded HTC Hero drivers packaged in ZIP format:

    HTC Hero driver for 32-bit Windows 7:
    HTC Hero driver for 64-bit Windows 7:

  4. Extract the driver into a folder. For example, %SystemDrive%:\Program Files (x86)\HTC\HTC Driver\Driver Files\Vista_x64 (for the Windows 7 64-bit) or %SystemDrive%:\Program Files (x86)\HTC\HTC Driver\Driver Files\Vista_x86 (for the Windows 7 32-bit) accordingly.
  5. Go to Devices

    4) Update the driver (accessible from Properties -> Hardware tab) for incorrectly installed Android Phone from the Devices and Printers menu in Windows’ Start Menu, by selecting the copied driver location. If no ADB driver been installed yet, just install the driver directly by right click on the .INF file and select Install.

  6. The HTC Hero phone should now displayed as “My HTC”, and will be able to sync with Windows 7.

Note: Newer version of HTC Sync, such as HTC Sync 2.0.33 (download htc_sync_2.0.33.exe) should work properly in Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit), Windows Vista (32 and 64 bit), and Windows XP (Service Pack 2 and 3).

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  • Lucy

    Hi, is there one for a samsung galaxy s2?


  • Dids

    Good job !
    The drivers zip package for Windows 7 x64 works perfectly with the new HTC Sync 3.0.5579 .

  • iamsam480

    what does it mean by open devices, on step 5?

  • Japer

    Thx very much! Awesome manuel!

  • manuel

    SOLUTION: this worked for me in Windows7 x64 to detect the SD card in Windows:

    1. Connected the phone to tha computer by USB cable

    2. Turn on "USB Debugging" on your device. On the device, go to the home screen, press MENU, select Applications > Development, then enable USB debugging.

    3. Phone and SD card was detected and only needed to activate the phone´s notification for USB storing

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  • Flash Stein

    I have a HTC EVO I recently flashe dover to Cricket Wireless and I could not be happier! All the perks of the EVO (except 4g, I only surf on WiFi any ways so no big deal there) at less than half the price only 48.95 a month for me.

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  • Alan Mercado

    I atempted everything on this page and did not work, however this link did it.

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  • Sully

    Well I read the post and found that the "FIX" did work for me as I did not have the connection type set to HTC SYNC. Once I did that It was a snap.

    AMD PhenomII X4 965

    Windows 7 64bit

  • Richard

    Hi all,

    The following worked for me on my new 'HTC Desire' Android smartphone (I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit edition)

    1) Install the latest available version of 'HTC Sync' on to your PC.

    2) On my HTC Android smartphone I set the 'default connection type' to: HTC Sync

    3) To verify this has worked (on a PC) do this:

    – Run the DOS prompt (Start/Run/then type: cmd/OK)

    – Change directory to your Android 'tools' folder, eg: cd C:Program FilesAndroidandroid-sdk-windows ools

    – Run the following command: adb devices

    – You should then see something like this output:

    List of devices attached

    HT05KPL00312 device

    If you don't see any devices listed then this fix hasn't worked for you!

  • doesnt

    Nice… But totally useless as it doesnt work. w7 keeps saying the drivers are up to date and everything. Seems like syncing with w7 is impossible… Really nice. Went to android because ppl said it was better than wm but so far in 2 years time wm didnt manage to give me as much shit as android did in 3 hours.

  • Dan

    Great advice that actually works. Thanks! It's very much appreciated.

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  • Sean

    windows woes are neverending…..good thing they work toghterh now

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  • Kevin

    Thank you for this. It worked like a charm. All glory to the hypnotoad!

  • Irving Stinklebaum

    Doesn’t work. Trying to right click on the INF file and selecting install gets the Win7 (64bit) error message: “The INF file you selected does not support this method of installation”.

    HTC Sync is still not working on my Win7/64 machine.

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  • Adam

    I did the update and my HTC Sync still shows DISCONNECTED- HELP

  • JacKaL

    Awesome dude, this worked.

  • 330d

    THANK YOU! works perfectly, I had thoughts of bringing my hero back, but you fixed it. thanks again

  • mary

    thank you!!! finally a "fix" that actually WORKS!!

  • Hans

    Probably the easiest way to get it work is to first install HTC Sync, then connect the phone to your PC. After a while you should see a button named HTC Sync appear in Hero's notification bar. Click it, and watch the drivers installing. You might get an error message on the phone but just ignore it.

  • ding

    Htc has a new update as of the 15 or so of jan that is win7 compatible. Ie woraround is no longer needed

  • dr_2_b

    oh one other thing… when I go to the devices screen, the hero isn't shown. It shows my printers only.

  • dr_2_b

    GRRR… I really appreciate what you guys are doing. I have done all this stuff – really – but it will not recognize as connected. I'm using a new laptop & I've tried all 3 USB connections. When I copy from the (downloaded) htc driver 32 bit file into the installed htc win7_x86 folder, I have the computer replace the existing files… is that correct?

    Also, I've disconnected the internet connection to do it.

    The one thing I haven't tried is the USB debug mode cuz I don't know what that is.

  • bd

    A little extra info: You can just extract the files to your desktop and delete them later if you want. The HTC shows up as a USB device and a device called ADC in device manager. You want to install the drivers to the ADC device.

  • bd

    Thanks. Worked great on Windows 7 64-bit.

  • d0tkevin

    ryzrbld – copy the driver files ( to the proper directory listed above. Then rerun the HTC Sync install. It will create a Windows7_x64 directory. Disconnect your phone from your PC (if it's currently connected) by unplugging the cable. Plug the cable back in and connect your phone. Run HTC Sync.

    This worked on Windows 7 64bit.

  • ryzrbld

    What worked like a charm? I am trying everything I have read here and no solution found yet…

    I have a new laptop so I am assuming all my USBs are 2.0 and I am running Windows 7 home premium and have downloaded 2.0.18


  • Steve Joseph

    Really can't thank you enough! Worked like a Charm. Thanks again.

  • jason

    worked great thanks!

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  • jakobee

    Got everything worked out after much searching. But now…all I get is a call data failure when trying to connect using the mobile network sharing

  • isherwood

    I went around in circles for hours before I discovered on the HTC site that USB 2.0 was required for Sync. The particular port I was on was an old version. I plugged into my monitor port and bingo.

    What a PIA this has been!

  • tunah

    it wont let me update the driver

    goddamn HTC

  • Sandor

    It works on Win 7 64bit pro with HTC Sync 2.0.18.

    Disable the Internet connection and install HTC Sync.

    Use the USb Debug mode and attach the phone.

    Thanks for all.


  • David

    HTC now has an installer for Windows 7 32 and 64 bit. However, The Sync still doesn't work correctly.

  • Scott

    alegs99 you are a life saver! Thank you for taking the time to post!

  • Dave S

    Cheers alegs99. Was tearing my hair out over this one but the driver fix solved it :o)

  • alegs99

    We have seriously struggled with getting the Hero to sync with Windows 7 but have finally cracked it simply after reading a million posts on multiple sites. Do this:-

    Go to HTC and download the latest HTC Sync version 2.0.18 and install it

    … but despite what they say this is not enough so …

    Find Program FilesHTCHTC DriverDriver FilesWin7_x86androidusb.sys

    Copy it

    Paste it into WindowsSystem32drivers (you may need to rename the old one already in the folder)


    Plug the phone's USB cable in. It should now run an HTC connection wizard. You will still need to run HTC Sync afterwards


  • Pete

    Official advice for this problem from HTC Support UK & Irl (which I can verify works perfectly) is as follows:

    "If you have had an older version then 2.0.18 installed on your pc windows will have downloaded and installed the incorrect drivers.

    What you can do to fix this, first make sure v2.0.18 is downloaded to your pc. Then, uninstall the old version of htc sync including the drivers, disconnect internet from your pc to prevent it from downloading the incorrect ones again and then run the installation program for v2.0.18 again.

    After it is done reboot your pc and connect your device again"

  • Ok I have done the workaround for mt droid eris windows 7 64 bit. However when I try to update the driver, I choose the driver folder and it says that these drives are not compatible with my 64 bit system. any ideas????

  • techgeek32


    I have been having problems as well. This is what finally worked. HTC just released a new version of Sync (2.0.18) on their worldwide site.

    Turn off Auto Windows Driver installation as described above. Install HTC Sync 2.0.18 which already has the Windows 7 drivers built in. Once installed, check usb debugging on Hero, plug in to pc and it is instantly recognized without any driver updates needed. Hope this helps!

    Yea! I don't have to return my Hero.

  • mauswe

    *****************REBOOT YOUR PHONE**************

    Thanx Sedrocks!!! This did it for me. i did all the steps over and over again and i couldnt get the sh*t to work. Until the reboot of the phone. Yay.

  • Coenie Hattingh

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

    You achieved what htc themselves could not!

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  • jun

    omg. i still can't get it to work. i'm pretty IT-idiot. i tried to follow as much as possible. but to the hardware part, i disabled, i tried, and it doesn't seem to bring me around, and i'm getting confused 🙁

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  • castiboy

    seems like a good method to fix it, but since i wont be using the sync tool itself, i settled for simply uninstalling the driver which, as it turns out, happened to be called "HTC Dream"… weird weird.

    anyway, removing the bad driver is enough if all you want is USB connectivity for file management.

  • Cliff

    I am still struggling with this. I have Windows 7(32) and am running Outlook 2007. When I go to device manager and select the drive where the copied drivers are installed, Windows 7 says it already has the best drivers installed. So, then I select "have disk", go to the same folder and select the 6 drivers you mentioned and manually add them (have to do this 6 times since it won't let me select all 6 at once). After doing this, it recognizes the device (Hero) and I am able to sync calendars and contacts. I continued to sync several times successfully, then all of the sudden the phone deleted about 25% of my contacts (400 items) – "removed" – and then tried to reinstall ("updated") about the same amount – but then generates an error after only "updating" a few. A couple of other things of interest: 1) sync takes about 15 minutes before it times out, 2) computer will not start up with the phone attached (I have to detach it and start later), 3) even after downloading the 6 drivers as mentioned above, I still show only two drivers and both in the C:WindowsSystem32 folders (one in that one and one in the subfolder "Drivers"). Any suggestions would be very helpful.

  • Thanks all, for me it was crucial to enable USB debugging. After that a new device popped up in the device manager and i was able to choose the drivers.


  • John A

    For anyone still having issues, specifically with updating the ADB driver, here's something I discovered.

    When plugging in my HTC Hero with usb on my Windows 7 Home edition, Windows would automatically install the driver for the ADB interface. This was of course the wrong driver.

    I disabled this function temporarily for this workaround…

    Start->Control Panel->System->Advanced System Settings->Hardware->Device Installation Settings–> Choose "No, let me choose what to do" – > "Never install driver software from Windows Update"

    Save changes, plug in the Hero, Windows Update will begin, and fail, and you can then update the ADB device in the device manager, pointing to the correct drivers as described in this workaround.

    Be sure to change this setting back to automatic after 🙂

  • xspance
  • lane

    Does not work!!! Everytime i click install the inf file it says "the Inf you selected does not support this method of installation. Guess im missing something. pLease help

  • CHTom

    I have tried every one of the suggested steps to make this thing work. I'm not getting it to work. When I "point" to where the install for 2.0.8 is located, there is no folder listed with the driver.

    I've been at these for hours/days to figure out how to get around the windows 7 issue for the droid eris.

    Am I doing something wrong?

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  • Thanx for this great guide!

    I had a "feeling" that I had to use the Vista_64 drivers to get it to work…since a few of my other hardware works with Vista-drivers in my Win 7 already.

    Again, thank you!

  • Sebastian


  • Mark

    Brilliant, works for me, many thanks

  • Thx for the sollution! Great job!

  • umi

    great man.. thank u very much

  • Sedrocks

    OMG! I have been following everyone's directions and getting the same result…UNTIL!!! ENSURE THAT YOU REBOOT YOUR PHONE after this is all done, especially after you ticked the USB debugging box. After I rebooted the PHONE AND PC it worked like a charm. Thank you for all of your help for the other instructions! It works perfectly now.

  • CD

    Works Great… A little bit of work but this is a great step by step… A+ Dude and thank you!!!

  • Ian

    Dude thank you so much – just got my Hero today and couldn't get the sync to work. Awesome!

  • Steve G

    Worked well for me. I installed the Vista drivers FIRST into the folder specified and then the HTC Sync install ran through correctly.


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  • Mister

    64 bit drivers are not found in that link, not to mention that domain's page is all blank and screwed up

  • SL

    Here is how I did it in Windows 7 64Bit with HTC sync 2.0.4.

    0. Do NOT connect with USB cable your HTC hero or HTC Android phone just yet.

    1. First download the HTC Sync 2.0.4 and the Vista 64 bit drivers as described above to your desktop.

    2. Install the HTC Sync 2.0.4 and follow the instructions on the screen until it says HTC Sync installed successfully.

    3. On your phone click menu button -> click Settings -> click Applications -> click Development -> select 'USB debugging'. And exit out to home screen.

    4. Connect your phone with USB cable to your PC.

    5. Cut and Paste the 'HTC Driver' folder from your desktop to c Drive in C:Program Files (x86)HTC folder.

    6. On Windows 7 click Start, open Control Panel, open Devices and Printer, click on Device Manager link. This will open a new window titled Device Manager.

    7. Locate 'ADB' device, right click properties to update the driver and point it to the folder location as described in step

    5. Then Restart your PC, unhook the phone and reconnect the phone after the Windows 7 has restarted. THATS IT.

  • Argus

    For my Windows 7 64 bit the complete steps where:

    1) Install HTC Sync_2.0.4 under Vista SP2 Compatibility mode. (Rightclick -> Properties -> Compatibility tab)

    2) Download and unpack the 64-bit drivers as listed above.

    3) On the Hero device browse to Settings –> Applications –> Development and tick the option to enable USB Debugging. Now connect the Hero to your PC via the supplied USB cable. It will now install, but miss the ADB driver.

    4) Go to the Device Manager (eg through: Start menu -> Rightclick Computer -> Properties -> choose Device Manager). The missing driver will be listed with an exclamation mark.

    5) Update the drivers by pointing to the folder you extracted the drivers previously.

    Once the drivers are installed, HTC Sync will recognise your Hero.

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  • kristoffer

    Thank you. Works fine

  • The file driver is no longer available, I have not managed to find another link. Is it possible to update your links please?

    Best regards

  • Loren Smith

    I am having the same problem in that windows 7 will not let me change it from a Microsoft 2006 driver to the one provided in this solution. It says the current driver is the best driver.

  • Chris

    I got the My HTC to work and sync to work. But i cant not get Win7 to see it as a storage device so i can transfer over files… please help

  • You will not be able to update the drivers because you are selecting the wrong device to update.

    From the device manager the device you need to update is under

    ADB Interface > ????

    It is not the device under

    Disk Drives > HTC Android Phone USB Device

    It took me a few minutes to work this out aswel but update the drivers of the device under ADB Interface, and all is well.

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  • Mads Mozart

    I couldn't get this to work at first, because i missed the "USB Debug mode" on my Phone.

    After i enabled USB Debug mode, downloaded the HTC x64 drivers, installed HTC Sync with Vista SP2 Combatibility as Administrator, and got windows to point at the correct drivers (The HTC x64 drivers) it worked like a charm ::)

  • Elis

    altertiv way to get htc sync to work on windows 7 is to rightclick the installer->properties->compatibility->set compatibility mode = vista sp2.

    then install normaly and it should work. if not set the compatibility of the htc sync program to 🙂

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  • Tyris

    In order to get this to work; I had to do the following:

    Right-click -> Properties on the installer.

    In compatibility, set to Vista and admin privileges.

    Run the installer.

    Then the above steps should work (as the ADB driver will appear in your driver section).

    Hope it helps someone.

  • You do NOT need to download the drivers, just do

    "On the Hero device browse to Settings –> Applications –> Development and tick the option to enable USB Debugging. Now connect the Hero to your PC via the supplied USB cable"

    then bring down the notifications tool bar, select usb then click mount. You will be able to access your files now.

  • coolfx35c

    I am Just waiting for the Hero to show up on Sprint – Pre is nice, I think the Touch Pro 2 will be too much, the Tour's reviews are not promising, but HTC and Android? Gotta be a sure bet. I'll be checking out this site to see how it settles out. Yeah, I know – GSM to CDMA, yada yada yada, but I'm looking for users real-world observations on the device as a whole. Still chillin' with my trusty Q9c!

  • Simen Haugen

    Crossposting this as this did the trick for me.

    I succeeded ( windows 7 x64 ) the snag was I'd missed a step earlier in the standard instructions!

    On the Hero device browse to Settings –> Applications –> Development and tick the option to enable USB Debugging. Now connect the Hero to your PC via the supplied USB cable

    Once I did that it worked.

  • JD

    Yey, finally got it to work. Here's how: (never did get the drivers to update)

    1. On the device, I set up USB Debug mode (go to Settings – Applications – Development and tick the option to enable USB debugging.

    2. Then, on the device, I opened up the PC Sync page (from Settings – Data Sync)

    3. Then, connected the USB cable to the PC and it started the sync wizard.

  • JD

    update – managed to get the Update button to become active (feeling daft there – just needed to click Change Settings). But same problem as James – Windows refusing to change it. Tried forcing and had an error that the .inf file was not compatible. Retarting phone and PC made no difference. Stuck 🙁

  • JD

    Didn't work for me either. Windows 7 won't let me install the .inf file and no option to update the drivers. Driver info shows it pointing to Windows own drivers, not the HTC ones. All options are grayed out.

  • James Gillespie

    This solution hasn't worked for me – Windows 7 says it's happy with the old driver.

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