While Windows Live Messenger 2011 brings a lot of new features such as integration with external social networks and HD video chat, it also removes quite a few useful features that make the instant messaging platform stands out among competition and popular since era of MSN Messenger. One feature that lacks in Windows Live Messenger 2011 is block list.

Block list allows a messenger user to ignore contacts, friends, buddies, colleagues, college mates, co-workers or persons forever, and user will not see the online or offline status of the blocked contacts, nor the blocked contacts will know that the person who block them has already online. In addition, any instant messages (IM) from the blocked contacts will not get delivered.

The block list has been removed in Windows Live Messenger (WLM) 2011. The removal of the feature causes all blocked contacts or persons to be suddenly visible and can see the online status of users who upgrade to Windows Live Messenger 2011.

Unfortunately, there is no direct option to block a contact or person again in WLM 2011. Users who want to “block” a contact or group of persons can use the following workaround to appear offline to selected person or groups instead. But do note that appear offline does not equal to block, as although the other parties cannot see the online status of user, but any instant messages that been sent will get delivered. And WLM 2011 user will continue to see the name of the persons which he or she wants to block in the contacts list.

Workaround to Block Contacts in Windows Live Messenger 2011

  1. Run and sign in to Windows Live Messenger 2011.
  2. Right click on the contact which you want to block, and select Appear offline to this person.

    Appear Offline to Contacts in Windows Live Messenger

    Tip: If you have a group of contacts which are placed under the same category, right click on the category, and select Appear offline to everyone in this category to hidden from all person inside the category.

  3. Optional: To completely “block” out a contact, right click on the contact and select Delete contact to remove the person name from the contact list.

    Tip: Contacts from external social networks such as Facebook cannot be removed or deleted in Windows Live Messenger.