After upgrading to Skype 5.5, and if a Skype users choose the Compact View option instead of Default View, a window titled Skype Home will automatically open and appear every time Skype program is starting or on computer reboot. The additional “Skype Home” window effectively defeat the purpose of Compact View, where users who supposed to get a smaller Skype main window now is getting two windows instead of one.

Skype Home

To make matter worse, Skype does not provide an option to disable or stop Skype Home screen from autostart.

As a workaround, Andrew Worcester wrote a tiny program that taking care of any extra Skype Home window. The “Kill Skype Home” app is designed to start with Windows. It will search any any open windows named “Skype Home”, and when found, to silently kill and close the window.

Once the Skype Home window is killed, the app will also automatically closes itself so that it does not take up any system resources. A nifty feature as Skype Home window won’t auto open except during the loading of Skype program, which usually happen only when starting Windows.

While it’s not a parameter that directly disable the Skype Home feature within Skype, the app is still the best alternative available that get rid of the Skype Home pop up automatically as soon as it happens, and without the need to move your mouse.

Download Kill Skype Home:

After installing, right click on the Kill Skype Home icon on system tray (notification area), and select “Start with Windows” so that it can force Skype Home window to exit on system startup.

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  • Derek Lester

    The simple solution to stop SKYPE loading when windows starts is to rename the .exe file, I changed mine to SKYPE1.exe and amended the shortcut to reflect this. It no longer starts when I run my computer and I can run it from the shortcut when I need it.

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  • Mamba
  • Thank you for this work,

    You can also use a small tool we developed to solve this problem, you can download from here :

    Or from here :

  • OgiDogi

    Here's another solution

    which I "expanded" on my computer by deleting the folder "..shared_htmlskypehome" and creating an empty, read_only file with the same name on its place.

    No more annoyance.

  • Bad Egg Software

    Here’s a much simpler solution, see me post in the link below

  • alexander

    Thank you very much!

    You made my day!

  • Patrick

    Instead of installing app to kill that window, block domains that skype uses to download home page. That will prevent this annoying pop-up from appearing.

    Add following to host file

    • cy

      Smart and elegant solution! Thanks.

    • HappyUser

      Great, thanks.. seems to work fine.

  • Richard

    You just made my day! I have send a Tweet to my Followers.

    Skype used to be an okay pice of software…. used to!!

  • Popping Mad

    Just hate it when I have to close an additional window. Skype Home popup stinks!!! It just gave me another reason to switch to Google Call Phone.

  • Pierre

    You made my day.

  • Pierre

    You made my day :)

  • Michael Dorf

    Thank God for small favors and thanks, Andrew for a cool little app that makes it happen! Skype Home wasn't my worst nuisance, but it's nice to see it gone for good! Thanks!

  • eszterencs

    Thank you very much!!! Great solution, save me a lots of nerve…

  • susie

    Agree 100 times over with LINCOLN's words.

    extremely annoyed at the pop up screen and the fact that it wont sign me in automatically any more.

    i have to keep remembering that when i start my laptop otherwise i miss a lot of calls. surely this is reducing skype's revenue.

    VERY intrusive, obnixious, patronising, condescending – GET RID OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lizard

    Unfortunately, the popping up of the Skype home window now also happens with version 5.3 and during the day, not just when Skype is started.

  • Bob Rust

    Thanks – Sanity restored!

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  • j wolfe

    I uninstalled yahoo messenger because I couldn't get it to stop popping up all the time. Please fix this because otherwise I like skype. But it is not worth the annoyance.

  • Petya

    thank you very much for your tribute :) It was getting on my nerves, but thanks to you no more! :) (thumbs up!)

  • WhoCares

    My thoughts are totally with user "LINCOLN".

  • Bexy

    Skype home doesn't just load on start up, it keeps randomly popping up at me. I don't want to see my contact list all the time. That's what the damn aero preview is good for on win 7, so why would I want to use non-compact mode. I really hope this works

  • Daniel

    Not every program need to be a "social network" program… skype home screen is bullshit… Skype shoud provide a way to disable this.

  • Lincoln

    Unbelievable that we have to resort to a script to stop this fucking bullshit behavior. Fuck you Skype for ramming this weak shit up our asses.

    • Tom

      Skype-rosoft is greasing you up for advertising. Whether you pay or not, you're gonna get this and you're gonna like it! Who are you to deny Skype-rosoft the right to intrude on your digital life. Get with the program, you consumer!

  • Gleespaindi

    The application does not work with localized versions of Skype, where the "Skype Home" window title is different.

    • Andrew Worcester

      This has been fixed in version 0.5 :-) enjoy!

  • Milesse

    On Skype Home there was an link to leaving feedback … I told them to get rid of the f….ing Skype Home, have a go you too!!

  • Giang

    Thank you. Now I could have disable it. Skype Home is really annoying me…

  • testdrive

    Finally can get rid of the annoying Skype Home. Thank you.

  • tips inside

    In Skype… this problem only majorly feel by every one… it mostly slow downed start-up… it really works……

  • european type jaw cr

    I often use MSN, the skype is not very notice

  • christian louboutin

    Well, that was right…………….