When running Windows Live Messenger, aka MSN Messenger of latest version (as installed Windows Live Essentials 2009) in Windows 7, the main Messenger Contact window, display picture, and all chat or conversation windows now have full fledged button or icon on Windows Taskbar, even when minimized, instead of placing main WLM Contacts window icon in system tray or notification area.

Windows Live Messenger in Windows 7

In previous Windows Vista, XP or Server operating system, Windows Live Messenger (MSN) Messenger will load itself into notification area, also known as system tray, which located at the far right end of Taskbar beside the clock, while the rest of the windows such as IM chat dialog box have their own Taskbar button when the windows are opened.

Windows 7 has removed the notification area icon for Windows Live Messenger though, thus the main button for Messenger window now appears in Taskbar, along side with all its conversation or chat windows. The Taskbar button icon won’t go away even when Messenger window is minimized. When mouse over the WL Messenger icon on Taskbar, the thumbnail preview may show two confusing Messenger’s windows, where one is actual WLM Contacts main window, and another is display picture (DP, which does not show if user clicks on ‘X’ button to close the main window).

It’s possible to instruct Windows Live Messenger to revert back to classic style, where its main window is represented by notification tray area icon. The hack is to run Windows Live Messenger in Windows Vista compatibility mode in Windows 7 in order to move WLM icon back to system tray.

  1. Exit Windows Live Messenger or MSN Messenger completely (Right click on WLM button/icon on Taskbar and select Exit).
  2. Go to Start Menu, locate the Windows Live Messenger shortcut.

    Tip: It’s also possible to deal directly with the actual WLM program, msnmgsr.exe located in %ProgramFiles%\Windows Live\Messenger\ folder.

  3. Right click on the Windows Live Messenger shortcut or executable, and select Properties.

    MSN Windows Live Messenger Properties

  4. Go to Compatibility tab.
  5. Tick the check box for Run this program in compatibility mode for under “Compatibility Mode”, and then select Windows Vista from the drop down list.

    Running Windows Live Messenger with Vista Compatibility in Windows 7

  6. Click OK.
  7. Run Windows Live Messenger.

Minimize Windows Live Messenger to System Tray (Notification Area) in Windows 7

With the hack, Windows Live Messenger will minimize to system tray (notification area).

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    If you want to close it, just right click the tab in task bar and choose either exit/sign out.
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  • Thankx Its worked now both Skype and msn are on system try. I usallly open many windows at same time these Skype and msn takes lots of space of task bar

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    I just tried this for the Windows Live Messenger 2011 in Windows 7 (64bit), I ran it under Windows Vista (Service Pack 2) compatability mode, and when I close the window, it minimizes down to the system tray. I've also seen someone else say they had to run it in Windows XP (Service Pack 3) compatability mode and it worked for them. Give those other options a try and see if it works! πŸ˜€

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    I use windows live essentials 2011, It runs windows live mail 2011, this worked perfectly fine for me. Not sure what this guy was referring to…likely his name says it all. Possible correction for him would be to run it in Win Vista Compatibility for service pack 2


    October 24th, 2010 15:02 293

    this trick doesn’t work for MSN 2011

    anyone know a new trick. they seem to have fixed this wonderful fix in the new version.

    we need a work around asap

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    Thanks….it worked but I noticed you don't get an email notifcation now when an email comes in…..a little unread envelope. Any idea how to fix that? I can just open Windows Live and check but it was nice to have the unread envelope show instead….

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    this trick doesn't work for MSN 2011

    anyone know a new trick. they seem to have fixed this wonderful fix in the new version.

    we need a work around asap

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    Without this hack, Windows Live Messenger had a persistent but useless button in the taskbar with its full name, closing which completely exited the Messenger. Thanks to you a lot, coz now I have removed the annoying extra button and gone back to the test-and-tried system tray icon.

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    This tweak wasn't working for me on Windows 7 x64, but I was able to get around it by first uninstalling the Windows Live Upload Tool and the Windows Live Sign-in Assistant, and [then] by using the compatibility tweak. I set the compatibility to Windows XP Service Pack 3, and I selected the "Run as administrator" option, and the tray icon finally appeared.

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    Messenger and Skype will not minimize to the system tray after installing Comodo Internet Security Free (4.0.135239.742)

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    Finally I found out that the compatibity mode works only if I started directly the msnmsgr.exe. Via shortcut it still doesn't work. Do u have any idea, what I should do?

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  • I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (fully updated), and just installed it the other day for the first time along with the latest version of WLM. I tried the method outlined above but it didn't work, nor did setting the compatibility to any other O/S or service pack version, nor did running it as an administrator before/after the compatibility tweak, nor did reinstalling it several times. Is there any other way around this irritating problem other than the compatibility tweak?


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    I taught 7 was better than vista, it is I think but lot of work to be done to make it stable.

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    With this tip, Win7 is back in the game.

    Greetings from venezuela.

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  • Nice, but immediately after reboot messenger stops working .. at all. :f

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    This was one of my biggest annoyance in win 7 and removal of classic start bar.

    But im so glad i found this, to the person that discovered this your an absolute genius.

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    Comodo Firewall updated and now this trick doesn't work anymore ib Build 7100 x64

  • Thanks. BTW, the same goes with Windows Live mail too. It hides when you run it in compatibility mode.

  • Bernard F


  • LaGgEr

    Does anyone has a problem with compatipility mode and http links in chat window? Icons are in right place but when i send or recieve links with http, then they are not links but just text. When compatipility mode is turned off then links work but with any compatibility mode it will suck.. Please help.

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    Does anyone know if there's a workaround so that opening your hotmail can open in a browser other than IE? (I fucking hate IE, love firefox)

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    Is this what MS are spending their valuable time on fiddling around with?

    "Hey! let's see how much we can annoy our users! lets make this crappy window fatter than a BigMac, Yeah that's great!"

    Fucking morons I'd like to kick your nerdy asses!

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    It works the first time i change the compatability mode. But after restarting or simply turning off one evening and on the next. It no longer starts automatically.. Nor does it allow me to open the program manually… I have tried changing it back to run on Windows 7. But nothing happens.

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    i did it with the executabl itself and not the shortcut, if that helps anyone above.

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  • Running Build 7022. Went directly to file and told it to run in vista compatibility mode and it works great. It's funny how that the way to fix many things in 7 is to change the compatibility mode. Thank you.

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  • Yes, that is what I want! Thank's a lot!

  • matt

    to wasscp

    yes i did apply that patch to extend windows 7 and remove watermarks/build, etc. sounds like something it did is causing the error

    anyone come up with another solution aside from rerunning patch and unpatching


  • Darren

    This worked like a charm! Thank you, I now have my taskbar back!

  • wasscp


    you wouldnt have happened to use that patch to get pluspatch for windows 7 did you…

    im asking because i applied this *workaround* first shot and it worked beautifully…

    soon as i tinkered with the pluspatch 5 (remove watermarks and annoying feedback link) i also recieved *unable to initialize* (unticking compatibility mode) was the only option to get msn running again…

    sucks that annoying MSN on my taskbar is enough to make me stop using it easily.. guess i gotta find an alternate way ot connecting to msn πŸ™‚ trillium maybe…

  • superhobo

    Same here. Doesn't start at all in compatibility mode.

  • Neil Marshall

    The Program Files folder method described above worked perfectly for me.

    Brilliant solution. Well worked out!



  • Aimee

    Yep. Uninstalled my previous version, then installed the latest version straight from Microsoft's website, before I made my previous post. I've got version 14.0.8050.1202.

    I've tried Vista compat mode, and XP compat mode. I've tried it with the shortcut, and the actual .exe file. I get the same error every time.

    Its kind of annoying that they've made this change to the way the program works in Windows 7. An older version I had, before I was told by the program that I needed to update, actually went to the system tray.

  • admin

    Have you all try to install the latest version?

  • Aimee


    The same thing happens to me; the exact same thing. Does anyone know of any other way to get it to the system tray instead of on the taskbar?

  • matt

    this doesn't work at least not for me – it pops up an error and says messenger has stopped working – close program. then application error failed to initialize properly (0xc0000005) blah blah – UAC set off and i've tried changing everything to default as well as setting compatability to other OS version – nothing works – anyone has same issue?

  • Mavamaarten


    I HATE the way it works, and when i try this thingy, WLM9 stops working, i can't run it at all πŸ™