When opening a bookmark in Firefox, the bookmarked web page will open on the active tab by default. The behavior can potentially cause user to accidentally lose the web page he or she is browsing or close the tab with unsaved work to load the new website. Since Firefox supports tabbed browsing, it’s would be great if the bookmarked links can be opened and launched in new tab instead.

Unfortunately, by default, Firefox doesn’t allow bookmarks to be opened in new tab when clicked. However, there are a few tricks and workarounds that can force Firefox to open all clicks to open bookmarks to open the webpage on new tab instead of replacing current active tab, which may already be loaded with web page.

The most easy workaround to open bookmark (or in fact any links) into a new tab with middle mouse button click. Thus, instead of clicking the bookmark with usual left click, click it with middle mouse button.

If you’re using laptop touchpad or notebook computer trackpad, or mouse with no middle button, another hack to open bookmark in new blank tab without replacing existing tabs is to press and hold Ctrl button while clicking on the intended bookmark.

Another built-in mechanism to open bookmark in new tab is to right click on the bookmark, and then select Open in New Tab in the context menu. Using this way, user can also opt to “Open in New Window” too.

For Firefox user who wants simpler solution, the trick is to use an extension add-on that able to instruct and force Firefox to open bookmarks in a new tab. One such plug-in is Tab Mix Plus. Tab Mix Plus provides advanced tab configuration options, including ability to turn on and enable Open bookmark in a new tab option.

Download and install Tab Mix Plus 0.3.6 for Firefox 2: tab_mix_plus-0.3.6-fx.xpi
Download and install Tab Mix Plus Dev-Build 0.3.7pre.080721 Release for Firefox 3: tab_mix_plus-dev-build.xpi (future update on garyr.net)