In Windows 7, Windows Sidebar gets a major overhaul. The gadgets no longer restricts to need to pin to the bar of sidebar anymore, which normally located at the side of the desktop. Gadgets can now roam free and locate anywhere on desktop in Windows 7. Some people may prefer gadgets that stick to Sidebar, or Windows Sidebar that actually runs and exists, and can be closed once to hide all gadgets, there is a workaround to implement such Windows Sidebar system in Windows 7.

The workaround is to install Windows Vista Sidebar into Windows 7, replacing the new version of sidebar component, as similar with resolution to fix gadget not working when UAC is turned off in Windows 7. After the hack found as found by Suicide Solution, Windows 7 gadget will have to run in the sidebar area, which is a bar that can be located on the side of the desktop.

  1. Close all gadgets on desktop.
  2. Take ownership and grant full control permissions for Administrators user group of the following files located in C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar folder:


    And inside the en-US Folder:


  3. Rename to backup the 4 files listed above.
  4. Download
  5. Extract and copy the contents of the ZIP file to their corresponding folders in C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar folder, overwrite and replace existing files if applicable.
  6. Re-add gadgets to desktop.

Voila, now Windows 7 has the sidebar program, which can be opened, closed, and exited, together with all gadgets added to it.