ZFS is an open-source combined file system and logical volume manager designed by Sun Microsystems, which among its features is snapshots and copy-on-write clones (writable snapshots) support. In ZFS filesystem, a snapshot is created very quickly, since all the data composing the snapshot is already stored, and space efficient, since any unchanged data is shared among the file system and its snapshots.

ZFS is part of Sun’s own Solaris operating system and is thus available on both SPARC and x86-based system. In Solaris OS, a ZFS snapshot is a read-only copy of a Solaris ZFS file system or volume. To help administrator to understand and fully utilize capability of ZFS snapshots, Sun has made available a free short guide titled “Working with ZFS Snapshots How-To Guide” as part of Solaris 10 How-To Guides.

How to Work with ZFS Snapshots Solaris How-To Guide

The guide provides the following information:

  • How to set up a ZFS file system
  • How to use and create ZFS snapshots
  • How to use ZFS snapshots for backup and restore purposes
  • How to migrate ZFS snapshots between systems

Download the Working with ZFS Snapshots How-To Guide (Sun account required or use the direct download link): zfs_snapshots.pdf