Facebook users must be very familiar with the sentence “X and Y are now friends”. If any of your friends in your contact list make a new friend, then you will be notified with the message above in your news feed when you log in to Facebook. This message is quite useful as you can keep track of any new friend added to your social network circle. However, will you be notified if any of your friends remove you from their contact list?

Facebook will not inform you or reveal the name of person who removes you from his or her contact list. Nevertheless, if you want to detect or keep track who have remove you from their list or “unfriend” you, you can make use of a Facebook application called “Unfriender”. This app will inform you when your friend doesn’t want to be your friend anymore. Try it out, quite interesting. You will be notified or alerted via email or SMS if you “unfriend by somebody”
Screenshot of “Unfriender” App