The provider of a free, completely customizable cell phone voicemail service, YouMail, Inc. ( has announced the launch of its free visual voicemail application named as Visual Voicemail Plus for BlackBerry mobile devices, including Pearl, Curve, Bold and Storm running BlackBerry O/S version 4.3 or higher (T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and AT&T), aiming to offer advanced features for faster and easier voicemail management.


“Visual voicemail is only a small portion of what voicemail needs to and can do,” said Alex Quilici, CEO of YouMail. “YouMail’s Visual Voicemail Plus allows BlackBerry users to enjoy the speed and convenience of visual voicemail, for free, in addition to having access to all of the other voicemail enhancements in YouMail’s award winning voicemail service.”

Impressive Features Of YouMail’s time-saving Visual Voicemail Plus application for BlackBerry:

  • Quickly and easily scroll through incoming voicemail messages to see relevant caller information including caller name, time of call, and length of message
  • Play voicemails by simply clicking on them
  • Easily share and forward voicemails as an email or post to a blog or social networking sites using a simple cut and paste feature
  • Delete, archive or save voicemails, forever

“We’re extremely pleased about where we’ve come in terms of pushing the limits of what users can get out of visual voicemail and are happy to offer an unparalleled visual voicemail experience to customers at no cost,” added by Quilici. “This application streamlines the visual voicemail experience for all BlackBerry phone users, and it a valuable tool for anyone who wants to get through their voicemails more quickly and efficiently.”