YouTube has recently just enhanced the video uploader capability that enables user to upload video clip up to 1GB per file with maximum of 10 video files simultaneously. For those frequent users, this is definitely an excited news as it has significantly reduced the waiting time needed to upload multiple files in sequential order and also increase the allowable video file size up to 1GB.

Some of the great features that is offered in this new release include the following:
• Allow user to enter video’s metadata (title, description, tags, category and privacy) during the uploading process.
• Upload up to 10 files simultaneouly with showing progress bar for each uploaded file.
• The file-size limit has been increased from 100MB to 1GB.
• Not required any plugin to install, just upload the video clip from YouTube uploader directly.

This new improved version of video uploader is still in beta testing and a random group of YouTube users have been selected for trial use and feedback. However, if you are eager to get your hands on this enhanced uploading experience, you can login to YouTube account and click on this link for immediate use. You are encouraged to leave your comment or participate in the discussion on Community Help Forums to help YouTube to further improve their product in short future.