Previously we mentioned about YouTube Full HD support that happened end of last year and seems that the famous online media sharing site has achieved another great milestone by officially announcing the support of 4K pixel resolution on its website. At 4096 x 2304 pixels, the new resolution is at least four times over the existing full HD 1080p, making it the only website with the largest resolution support at this moment.

While this seems to be an impressive way to enable greater visual experience especially suitable for those that prefer to view internet source on huge screen TV, but in order to run this seamlessly, it require an ultra fast high bandwidth broadband access or otherwise the whole media clip playback will lag and looks bad even when compared to current SD (Standard Definition) or full HD media playback. Besides, the source that can produce 4K pixels media clips is scarce and necessary shooting equipments are not cheap at all. Even if there are ways to obtain 4K pixels media source, the projector that is required to display and maximize whole media clips will be about the size of a refrigerator which seems not practical at all in current situation.

Nevertheless, this is no doubt a great milestone to hit with the popularity of higher resolution media available now, regardless if there are actual hardware with extremely high speed and stable broadband capability.