There are plenty of good movies produced by independent filmmakers especially highlighting images lacking visibility and social problems that we hardly see in newspaper or Hollywood movies. These movies could really connect audience to the reality of the world and truly stir their feelings. However, due to financial constraints, these independent filmmakers have difficulties to show them in public theaters. The only way for them usually is to participate in international film festivals and make their productions visible to the public eye. Anyway, now thanks to YouTube, these independent filmmakers are given another new platform to expose and market their productions via the YouTube Screening Room.

Unveiled by YouTube lately, the YouTube Screening Room, is a new online theater which allows audiences to watch less commercialized films produced by independent filmmakers. Audiences can watch and rate their favourite movies or leave comments. The so-called world’s largest theater claimed by YouTube will have four new films every other Friday. Most of the films being showcased in YouTube Screening Room now are award winners in international film festivals. YouTube invites more filmmakers to submit and share their masterpiece in this new theatre.