Instant messaging on the Internet can tie up the home computer for several hours especially if there are youngsters in the house. For exasperated parents, Zipit Wireless Messenger offers the ideal solution. Nicknamed Z2 to capture the X-generation’s attention, this pocket-sized gadget costs an attractive US$150 with free monthly fees. As long as there is a WiFi connection, the user can tap in and send instant messages to their heart’s content on their Yahoo! Or MSN accounts. However, parents who abhor total freedom can still activate parental control buttons to limit access hours.

Z2 users can also view their favourite photos or tune in to their beloved songs and music. The Z2 comes with a colour screen and rechargeable batteries. There is even a backlight for the keypad to enable secret and frantic messaging in the dark. Resembling a mini notebook, this highly desirable device is cool and useful for the trendy and chic teenager.