ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall 2010ZoneAlarm customers who miss out the free ZoneAlarm Pro license offer last year, or the free subscription period comes to an end now have reason to rejoice. Check Point, developer of ZoneAlarm brand of software applications, will run another 24-hour free giveaway promotion for its popular ZoneAlarm Pro on “Patch Tuesday”, which falls on October 13, 2009, a Tuesday.

ZoneAlarm Pro is a commercial edition that include more features that the freeware ZoneAlarm firewall. ZoneAlarm Pro, other than includes the standard two-way firewall to protect computer against malicious attacks from web and local network, ZoneAlarm Pro also includes a OSFirewall, advanced download protection, ID protection service with free credit bureau monitoring, anti-phishing, and Site Status Toolbar.

ZoneAlarm Pro does not have anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam and other advanced protection functions, and it’s mainly meant to complement and is compatible with other free and paid (non-firewall) security products.

The usual price for ZoneAlarm Pro 2010, its latest version, is $39.95 for a license with 1 year of protection for up to 3 PCs. Users who need ZoneAlarm Pro 2010 can take advantage of the 24-hours free download promotion period to grab a genuine and legitimate license serial key with one year subscription period for ZoneAlarm Pro 2010 on October 13, 2009.

The free giveaway will be conducted at or,

The giveaway will only last for 24 hours, so mark the calendar. Previous giveaway managed to crash the server, which forced to company to manually sending the download links and serial number to freebie grabbers, causing delay and waiting period of up to 2 days. Just hope the coming free giveaway will fare better.

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  • luis4132

    pues……que les digo ….mmmmm Q me parese bn que roben a los nobatos XDDD

  • okyyy

  • John

    This is one damn big SCAM.Everytime I tried the link it told me "that its coming 13 October.Please Subscribe" And nothing!!!!

  • Bruce

    The requirement of credit card is not mentioned on the page. The only thing I see under "Important Details" are :

    • Offer valid 6am PST 10/13/09 to 6am PST 10/14/09

    • License valid for one year (10/13/09 to 10/14/10)

    • License valid for up to 3 PCs

    • This offer is valid for new customers only

    • Limit one per customer

  • James Bush

    This is a fraudulent scam. Ihe FBI should look into the matter.

  • Derek Godsell

    What a farce. You have to go through a normal checkout process to get the download. You first have to remove the added download items from your basket to get it to zero and still enter a credit card to get through a zero cost purchase. After finally agreeing to a zero cost purchase on your credit card, you then get a confirmation poage showing you've been charged sales tax of £5.99 – on a zero subtotal. It doesn't end there, because you soon get an email confirmation for $45.94 which has been authorised against your card. It is a good job they only do this once a year, but surely someone could have tested the checkout process. I may be wrong, but entering your credit card and being charged a different amount, is called fraud. Forgetting to test your computer system is no excuse in law.

  • X

    # • Offer valid 6am PST 10/13/09 to 6am PST 10/14/09

    # • License valid for one year (10/13/09 to 10/14/10)

    # • License valid for up to 3 PCs

    # • This offer is valid for new customers only

    # • Limit one per customer

    # • Credit card required for verification

  • Oct, 13. But what time is it? and in which time zone (GMT or what)?

  • Jim

    i bet you need to give credit card info and cant already be registered with previous license

  • Anto qnoy

    Susah bnget upload foto n video di facebook

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