Microsoft has released Zune Device Sync Diagnostic Tool, an useful tool that able to compile data about the system configuration and also able to help diagnose advanced sync errors as well as wireless sync connection problems. The application, Zune Device Sync Diagnostic Tool, is available for downloading for its Version 1.0. It supports Windows Vista, Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher.

Users who like to try this software can download it via the link here and follow the instructions one by one as follow:-

1. Click Download, then Save to download the Sync Diagnostic Tool to your computer. Do not click Run.
2. Start the Zune software.
3. Start the diagnostic tool (ZuneDevices.exe). If you’re using Windows Vista, right click on the tool icon and select Run as Administrator.
4. Connect your Zune and look for an error message.
4a. If you have a USB connection: In the Zune software, you should see a yellow exclamation mark by the device icon in the lower left.
4b. If you have a wireless connection: On the Zune device, go to Settings, Wireless, and click Sync Now, then wait for the device to display an error. It might come one to two minutes after displaying “Connecting to PC…”.
5. Once you see an error message, do one of the following:
5a. If you have a USB connection: Disconnect your Zune device.
5b. If you have a wireless connection: Click Cancel or OK.
6. In the tool, click the Report tab, then click “Save As” and save a copy of the report.
7. If requested by Zune customer service, attach the report to an e-mail and send it to the e-mail address supplied by your customer-service contact.