The American multinational conglomerate corporation, 3M has expanded the MPro family with its new MPro120 handheld digital projector (successor to MPro110), which the company claims as the first projector to sport 3M’s MM200 projection engine that utilizes an advanced liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) electronic imager, boasting enhanced image quality with full color gamut.


In addition, MPRO120 pico projector that supports a robust battery life of 2-4 hours achieves a brightness of 12 lumens while its lamp life is rated at 20,000 hours.

“Following the success of the MPro110, the MPro120 will further reinforce 3M’s leadership position in the development and implementation of advanced projection technologies,” said Mark Colin, general manager for 3M Projection Systems Department. “The functionality of the MPro120 represents technical achievements that were manageable only by the long-term commitment to research and development that is 3M’s hallmark.”

The new MPro120 mini projector that features an integrated flip stand, tripod, stereo speakers and a variety of input cables is slated to ship in coming September 1 for $349.