The well-known global market leader in computing innovation, Intel has officially announced a new line-up of its 3rd-generation solid-state drive, dubbed as Intel SSD 320 Series, which the tech giant promises to have an enhanced performance, improved reliability and higher capacities over its predecessor – Intel X25-M SATA SSD. Besides, Intel SSD 320 utilizes the 3 Gb/s SATA II interface for easy upgrading purpose (SATA II PC), based on 25-nm Intel NAND flash memory, delivering up to 220 MB/s sequential write and up to 270 MB/s sequential read speeds.

In order to protect your personal, private data in the event of loss or theft, Intel has added the 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard capability to the SSD 320 Series.

“Intel designed new quality and reliability features into our SSDs to take advantage of the latest 25nm silicon, so we could deliver cost advantages to our customers,” commented Pete Hazen, director for marketing at Intel Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) Solutions Group. “Intel’s third generation of SSDs adds enhanced data security features, power-loss management and innovative data redundancy features to once again advance SSD technology. Whether it’s a consumer or corporate IT looking to upgrade from a hard disk drive, or an enterprise seeking to deploy SSDs in their data centers, the new Intel SSD 320 Series will continue to build on our reputation of high quality and dependability over the life of the SSD.”

The new third-generation Intel SSD 320 Series will be available in six variants of storage capacity – 40GB, 80GB, 120GB, 160GB, 300GB and 600GB, priced at $89, $159, $209, $289, $529 and $1069, respectively.