Remember the music boxes with dancing ballerinas which keep many fascinated for ages? Or the Hello Kitty toy craze started by MacDonald’s which led to stampedes in Asia? Identify a niche market – that’s what you do when the competition is so tough that you don’t have a chance. If Apple has cornered the market in style with iPod, mobiBLU’s Miffy MP3 player may just appeal to those who like adorable and cute gadgets.


Resembling Mickey Mouse and Hello Kitty in appearance, the rabbit in A50 would melt many hearts. The docking station which has a charming little house perched atop its ‘green lawn’ would also woo users with its picture perfect prettiness. Like the irresistible candy house in Hansel and Gretel, children and women will want to put their hands on this device. Available in Korea, the product celebrates the child in all of us.