Apple has built Internet tethering capability to iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S in its newest iPhone OS software 3.0. Internet tethering allows iPhone owners to use iPhone as wireless modem or dongle device to connect the PC or notebook computer to Internet for surfing and browsing. However, for commercial purpose, Internet tethering is disabled or blocked by default, as most mobile network carriers or operators want to charge extra fee for Internet tethering privilege, although existing service plans already allow certain limited bandwidth or even unlimited amount of data downloads.

Instead of paying excessive amount of money (most in the high 10s) in addition to the already-overpriced iPhone plan price, there was a fews hacks to enable Internet tethering on jailbroken iPhone previously. With built-in support for Internet gateway tethering in iPhone with the release of iPhone OS software 3.0, there is a very simple hack for iPhone OS 3.0 upgrader to enable Internet tethering, without paying anything extra or subscription fee to the mobile operator, and without jailbreak or unlock.

How to Activate and Enable Free Internet Tethering on iPhone 3.0

  1. Run Safari mobile web browser on the iPhone.
  2. Optional: If you want to generate your own mobileconfig with custom APN, username and password with Mobileconfig Generator, visit

    Enable Internet Tethering on iPhone 3.0

    In most case, just visit the next link directly, as the configuration files for most mobile carriers around the world have been prepared. If you’re following this link, click on Mobileconfigs.

    Turn On Interet Tethering Hack on iPhone OS 3.0

  3. Visit the following Mobileconfigs website:


  4. Select your country.

    Activate Internet Tethering on iPhone 3G S 3.0

  5. Select your mobile service provider.

    Activate and Enable Internet Tethering on iPhone version 3.0

  6. Tap Install to install new profile.

    Enable iPhone v3 Internet Tethering

  7. Select Install Now to download and install new profile.

    Enable iPhone v 3.0 Internet Tethering

  8. On iPhone interface, go to Settings -> General -> Network -> Internet Tethering.

    Internet Tethering Option on iPhone

  9. Set Internet Tethering to On.

    Activate and Enable Internet Tethering on iPhone

  10. If prompted that Bluetooth is off, select Turn on Bluetooth or USB Only according to your preference.

    Tether iPhone on USB or Bluetooth

  11. Internet tethering is enabled, connect iPhone to PC computer via USB or Bluetooth to start connecting to Internet though iPhone as tethered Internet gateway modem, with typical mobile broadband connection speed, normally up to around 1.4 Mbps. Meanwhile, iPhone will glow blue too.

    iPhone on Internet Tethering Enabled

    Note: Tethering computer through USB to iPhone to access Internet is much easier. Normally, Windows or Mac system will automatically recognize the tethered iPhone, and create require network connection to take advantage of the shared Internet access via iPhone. For Bluetooth connection, other than usual pairing, user also has to select “Connect to Network” from the Bluetooth device option in order to access the Internet from desktop or notebook/laptop computer via tethered iPhone.

Actually, the hack can be performed manually by iPhone owner himself or herself. The profile download link above provides easiest and most convenient way to activate and enable Internet Tethering without hassle though. is gathering all these publicly available information such as APN (access point name) and password for the iPhone for many network across the world, and create a XML based profile by using Apple’s iPhone Configuration Utility. The hosted iPhone tethering configuration profiles is pushed to the handsets of iPhone users who download the profile, and instant activates the tethering system free of charge.

After downloading and installing the new Internet tethering enabled profile, some users may report MMS and/or VVM (Visual Voicemail) problem, where MMS or Visual Voicemail stops working. To fix the MMS and VVM not working after enabling Internet tethering error, go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings. After the short reset, iPhone should be able to be used for MMS, Voicemail and Internet tethering.

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  • Kinnu


  • josh


  • rb

    I don’t know why anyone is saying it doesn’t work?? Worked perfectly on my iPhone 3GS running iOS 5! Now I can tether to my iPad 2 when I’m not in the house! By the way, I’m in the UK and on T-Mobile! πŸ™‚ Thanks πŸ™‚

  • Dylan


  • hh ..

    i got problem , my gprs internet is not working in phone as well .. what to do , i uninstell the threading

    • MM111

      I’ve followed step 1 to 7. On Network I don’t see tethering.
      What could have gone wrong?

  • fear

    I was feeling all nostalgic for the days when this hack still worked, so I brought this page up, and to my dismay, there are RECENT comments from people complaining this doesn't work.


    1. While this hack was amazing in its day, IT WILL NOT WORK ON ANY FIRMWARE OVER 3.1.3. Again, if you're on 4.0 or over…this will NOT work in any country, for ANY iPhone.

    2. If you don't know what "firmware" is, Google it. The internet is a vast pool of knowledge. Be resourceful.

    3. This does not send your info to a cloud server in China and bill your iTunes account…if you STILL think it does, may I instead suggest wearing an aluminum foil hat?

    4. This article is from 2009, people.

    5. I just had an aneurysm from all the stupidity in these comments. Thanks. Now my cat will be homeless.


    • blahalujza

      actually it just worked for me on a 4.2.1 through bluetooth.

      not with usb though.

    • K


  • pusp joshi

    well….there is another way to share iphone internet connection with laptop and wifi enabled PCs. it doesn't require any tethering and also no need to jailbreak the iPhone. its very simple.

    – Go to SETTING


    – make it ON

    iphone 4 allows to connect laptop and computers to share internet connection with iphone in three ways.

    – WIFI

    – Bluetooth

    – Cable

    if a laptop supports WIFI than as soon as PERSONAL HOTSPOT in IPhone is enabled it will apear in wireless connection area of the laptop.

    – Click on notification area of the laptop (that shows internet connection)

    – Click on the Iphone's Name ( a connection will appear on the name of iphone)

    – Click on connect

    Now it will ask for security key.

    go to the SETTING of Iphone. just below the personal HOTSPOT button, Wi-Fi passord will appear. the password can be changed. note the password and type it on computer as it appear.

    – Click on CONNECT

    enjoy the internet in your laptop.

    Please be aware if you are pay as you go user it may incur massive cost, internet surfing in laptop and desktop can eat a lot of data. so make sure of the charges. If your phone career allows you to use any amount of data.. than enjoy the freedom….

    • Vincent

      How to make the personal hotspot button appears? I can't find it in my iphone4 white

  • VB

    I have 4.3.2 on my Iphone. I am not sure whether tethering works for this version without jailbreak. Can someone please advice?

  • VZ2011

    saw there was an option to have older versions emailed so I'll try that. Cool if I could only get this to work! πŸ™‚

  • VZ2011

    I rebooted the phone and did some checking around and found the downloads under "profiles". there are two there — it says tethering but it's not able to be activated in that profile area. I checked other settings. For Modem Firmware my # says:


    My phone version says: 3.1.3 (7#18), it says the model is MB702LL

    if any of that info is helpful to help figure out why i am unable to get the tethering to work according to your instructions posted here. Thanks.

  • VZ2011

    I tried this with my iphone 3G, it installed, but when I went to the next step to check the Network, it wasn't installed. It installed an icon on the screen desktop where the aps go, but when I clicked on it the message from safari said it wasn't valid. ???? would love to tether. I lost my job in June and the extra cable & internet bill is a hardship right now. Any help on what might have gone wrong would be greatly appreciated. I got my iphone a little over a year ago for $99 w/new activation but it says 3G. Do you think mine is an older model maybe that won't tether? Thanks for any helpful info/comments.

  • Andrei

    No entry for Romania πŸ™

  • shraftali

    Yeah not made for iOS 4.0+


    Go to Settings–>General–>Profile–>Remove

  • Nathan

    I tried this numerous times on an iPhone 3gs running 3.12 on AT&T service and I installed the profile (the top bar said profile installed) and it appeared under settings>general>proflies, but then when I went to settings>general>network, nothing was changed. I tried resetting the iPod, resetting network settings, did it multiple time, nothing worked. Please advise! Thank you SO much in advance!

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  • RB

    do you have any idea when some settings will appear also for Romania?

    On the first website ( ), for Romania we have "no entry"

    and on the other website ( ) for romania there is only a setting for the Vodafone network.. You must jailbreak the iphone to use it with vodafone…

    The network accepted by Apple, in Romania is ORANGE…

  • David

    At&t have changed their data. There is no more unlimited and for OS4+ the hack does not work. For OS4+ at&t makes you pay for the 2GB data plan with tethering which is $45 bucks a month, seems like a rip-off to me I don't need it that bad.

  • Andy

    DO NOT PUT THIS ON iOS 4.0+!


    Go to Settings–>General–>Network–>Profile–>Remove

    Your internet tethering option will come back, but unfortunately this does not work on iOS 4+

  • Jennifer

    All I get is the Enable 3G, Data Roaming, VPN, and Wi-Fi options. Am I doing something wrong? I'm not great with computers. Does this link still work? Thanks

  • Jason

    How do I restore my phone to how it was? I am running on 4.1 and have lost my tethering option… I am also moving and am losing my internet tomorrow. Thanks man, I appreciate the warning of not to use this with 4.1. As if my life wasnt hard enough, now I have to figure out how to fix my phone so that I can get internet on my laptop through it by tomorrow morning.

  • Sam

    thanks, works fine for me

  • Howard

    I have an IPhone 3G with ios 4.0.2 I cannot find the tethering button on my IPhone I followed your directions and all that is there under Network is: Enable 3G; Cellular Data; Cellular Data Network; Data Roaming; VPN Wi-Fi; I have also tried to download TMobile profile and it wouldn't download. If I had Wi-Fi I wouldn't need to tether my IPhone. Please send me whatever help you can.

  • nikos

    Thank you very much for this important notices to tether the iphone 3GS, unfortunately for me

    when I connected it and open my web browser, I was always leaded to the vodafone web site and it was not possible to open any other urls.

    Actually they are blocking me from using it.

    Can I do something to brake this? and if I can

    will I get extra charges from Vodafone?

    Will they find it? Please help.

  • Looniebomber

    iphone 3G SW ver 4.0.2 no longer works. When you install this profile, the tethering option disappears altogether on iPhone 3G.

  • Darius D..

    When will it work for the 4.0.1 software?? I really want to use it!!

  • Johan de Wet

    Thanks guys, for valuable feedback and comments. I read your notes just before I was due to install app.


  • Guillermo

    There is no Country MEXICO! There will bee soon?

  • row

    how come there is no philippines in the country selection. i also tried other countries when i was there still it was not working.

  • j

    is there any one who tried that trick on the iphone 4? please let me know if it works on it and if at&t haven't mess up with your plan.

  • Maddie

    OMg ! The iphone 4 is amazing! The best thing I have ever seen. You must get it ! Its worth the investment.

  • BigKumaDog

    Just an update that att&t and apple put in there last updates of 3.1 and also the same in iOS4 as at&t is now going to offer a tethering plan for an additional $20 a month and you have to change your $30 unlimited plan to the $25 2GB plane for the grand total of $45 a month. Hoping that to still be able to jailbreak iOS4 for free tethering. I'm Beta testing iOS4 multi-tasking only improvement for me.

  • Kim

    Bah, I couldn't make this work- the option for tethering disappeared from settings. Feels a bit weird having agreed to something I didn't understand. Never again.

    Just restored firmware and changed itunes password to be safe.

  • guess

    becarefull guy tmobile charge on phone bill $2 1mb lolz

  • You all are screwed. It sends your data to a file cloud server in China. All your passwords and account information are collected so they can charge things via your cell phone account. Be careful they look like Apple Store charges and tax fees on your bill.

  • michelle

    Wish I had read the comments before i went thru the trouble of downloading this. Just like the others, nothing worked. Now what the heck do I have downloaded on my phone and how do I get it off? Probably some scam to hijack all our information!

  • Steve

    Same problem as others. Downloaded and installed, but no visible option for tethering.

  • jimmy

    download everything and go the settings-general-network however i do not see teh option for tethering in my netwrok section.

  • jake

    i have the same mentioned problem >> install everything, go to settings>network> NO choice for tethering as described in this blog. i have tried both websites and installed both att apns and same issue after reboots — it's not there.

  • Me

    Will this show up on my iphone bill?

  • logan

    same prob

  • Meredith R

    Same problem as Mike and Dave…

  • Dave M

    Same problem as Mike L. Downloaded files and phone said they installed. Not tethering button in settings==>network

  • mike L

    i download everything and go the settings-general-network however i do not see teh option for tethering in my netwrok section.

    Any ideas?

    • billj

      downloaded the app to tether. internet tethering option did not show up in network? what next

  • J. Edwards

    Hi. We all need to ask one simple question to ourselves: What would I do if I needed to make this decision again? What did I hear? What did I feel? NOT why did he/she talk to me like that? What did I do to deserve this? There is only one way to master our relationships; it is mastering our way of communication style.

  • Nokia are so much be

    When will people realize that iPhone is shit! i had to rely on my nokia's n97 built-in wi-fi hot spot (internet tethering also built-in and free) capabilities to download this shit via the iPhone due to iPhone's shittier reception. Even after downloading, it erased the option for tethering on iPhone. iPhone is one piece of shit phone that is so fucking restricted!

  • G.Lemmens

    For tethering please update you iPhone with a firmware update + 3.1.x (by itunes 8+).

    First i remove my iphone-mac connection (see )

    Even then i was not possible to use my iPhone internet connection with my Macbook.

    (If tethring still not work try : I think this manual is equal to the one above)

    But after a successful pairing and connection to the iPhone i add a new Network Interface.

    (Sorry, my mac interface has set to dutch language, so i've tried to translate the interface in englisch)

    1. In Mac OS X, open System Preferences > Network

    2. Press the plus + icon to add a new Network Interface

    3. Choose interface “Bluetooth PAN” and add a name you like: “Bluetooth…”

    4. Choose in the config dropdown “Create PPPoE-service”

    5. Give a name you like to the PPPoE-service “PPPoE…” and press “Done/ready”

    6. Config the PPPoE-service with the next info:

    – Name of PPPoE-service:

    – Accountname: “vodafone” (in my case)

    – Password: “vodafone” (in my case)

    – check “Remember password” checkbox

    7. Press the button “Apply” (right below corner) and press “Connect” in the Network Preferences screen.

    Hopefully this will be your solution too!

  • Eddie Watson

    Hi Guys in the past you guys have been very helpful without posting any threads,,,i tried doing the steps but im not able to tether my iphone 3.1.3 i get a message install WebClip and when i tried installing it it gives a message error, i read on a thread i need to downgrade to a 3.0 thanks for this info, my question is would tethering be available without downgrading to 3.0 in the near future??? or i must downgrade??? any help would be greatly appreciated

  • dave

    Fucking 3.1 invalid file format i cant download it off atts site or what the fuck bullshit should i reformat to 3.0?>

  • sorrowsdestiny

    I have had mine for a long while now 3G running 3.0 ….. Key Here guys is not upgrading downgrade to 3.0 and it will work just fine … and no charges from provider as of yet and even called then about other issues and they had info on use age in front of them , Unlimited Plan by the way …. This works just fine and always has if it does create an issue just uninstall it then reinstall then reset as described , to uninstall it click on the more details slide it will have it there… Happy surfing and downloading…. Great googley moogley so many cant read and do as described …. maybe they really dont need to be messing with a thing so simple…LOL

  • sian

    doesnt work, when i go to install it says enter passcode, does this mean i have to jailbreak it?

  • Soapers

    When I get to the tethering window – it says "at 3.1.3 only without simlock!"

    So I think the phone does need either jailbreak??

  • Dave

    please e-mail me and let me know

  • Dave

    Does this still work? What happens when a new update comes out will it brick my phone?

  • JimB

    Doesn't work. Get the same message as Doug on Feb 25 "Profile format not recognized"

  • rks

    NOTE: This will not work on 3.1.2 or 3.1.3!!! You will receive the "visual voicemail unavailable" and "not subscribed to cellular data network". You will not be able to correct this yourself…trust me.

    You must either downgrade or jailbreak for this to work.

  • Jon

    I have os 3.1.3 and it doesnt work. no option under network settings for tethering. now what??

  • Mark

    i have jailbreak my i phone and uses it to tether on my laptop does it charges extra cause i have unlimited net access on my i phone in contract with 02 please response

  • Doug

    I have 3.13:

    Invalid Profile

    Profile format not recognized

  • keithmc1

    I can tether fine. The secret is DO NOT UPGRADE YOUR OS… I performed this back in the summer of 09. However in Septerber of 09 AT&T (US) had an upgrade to the OS from OS 3 to OS 3.1. That takes away the capability to load this software and get tethering for FREE. A friend of mine upgraded to OS 3.1 and now he had to download it again to pay for it going through a new process on the AT&T website. So I'm staying on OS 3.0 for now!

  • abraham

    heyyyyyy this is unfear, what about Mexico.

  • christopher

    i have version 3.2.2 and it says profile format not recongnized, any help woul dbe helful. how can i get it to work. email me at [email protected] if u know what i can do.

  • vitalik

    for this to work u have to UNLOCK your iphone at least i have to do it

  • Tony Stark

    Worked great. Nice tut. I love where the iPhone is going. It's the 21 century Swiss Army knife.

  • Patrick

    This doesn't actually seem to be working… I installed it for my local area and the Internet Tethering never comes up. 3.1.2 (7D11) iphone OS.

  • Sammy


  • Suma

    DUH .. Using BlackRa1n is Jailbreaking your phone ..

  • Suma

    I followed the instructions .. have 3.1.2 fw .. not jailbroken .. Profile installed without error.. restarted the phone and dont see the tethering in the network tab .. any ideas?

  • Chris

    Ya it F'd up my iphone bad I have no MMS or Visual Voice mail and reseting network settings did not help. Stop.

  • Chris

    This does not work. What have I installed? How are you people?

  • aphill30

    does this cost money?

  • aphill30

    does this cost money to anyones knowledge ?

  • Cole

    I followed the steps and on my network it doesn't show the option for tethering. I have At&t so do you know how to fix that? If not how do I remove what I installed?

  • Shauntelle

    ok please help and send back on my email

    ok here goes oh and its for an ipod touch ?

    right, i paid for the 3.2.1, then it told me to plug in my ipod

    so i plugged in my ipod

    it searched for a bit

    then came up with

    "there was a problem downloading the software for the iPod "floss's iPod." the network connection timed out."

    "make sure your network connections are correct and your network connection is active. then try again."

    those words exactly, whats wrong with my network connections and what do they have to be? is it something with my ipod or computer, either or please hep hep D: xx

  • Jonathan

    Hey dude when i go to Settings -> General -> Network dont shows the internet tethering option on my cell phone, how you can help me on this?

  • Amy

    I am trying to set up my iphone for tethering to my iBook. I've updated my iphone to 3.1.2 and I've tried to download the BlackRi1n on my phone on Safari browser. I keep getting the message "Download Failed. Safari cannot download this file"

    I've installed internet tethering and in the general network it does not show.



  • Mary

    I just tried downloading blackrain, but my iphone didn't allow me to do that. It said: Download failed. Safari cannot download this site. Any advise guys? Thanks.

  • Ray


  • Brandon

    this did not work on my phone until i took matty poo's advice on reply 104 then it worked like a charm!!!

  • AJ

    To use this on 3.1.x you must first install Blackra1n from Once Blackra1n is installed, launch it and install Sn0w. Once Sn0w is installed tethering can be used. However, I have 3.1.2 and can tether just fine, but still cannot use my Visual VoiceMail, which is an issue for me.

  • Rudy

    You are the man, man, man!! Thanks a million for troubleshooting this issue

  • Rudy

    Thanks a million man…you are the man man man (hehe). Thanks a lot you solved a big issue with my iPhone

  • Samantha

    It didn't work for me, can you give us some more information?

  • SOON

    How come not New Zealand Vodafone? please add one?


  • Nola Petty

    Nice to see someone thought of this already.

  • Michel

    Can you add Orange UK? PLease

  • Finally

    @ Matty Poo. Thank you for the 3.1.x or latest update reveil!!!!!!! Worked like a charm! This is going to save me a ton of headaches and money.

  • truc

    Add telecel mexico please!

  • bc

    this will disable vvm. There are other options such as and

    refrain from benm………unless you don't care about the wonderful feature of visual voice mail.

  • DEbbie

    I was tetering fine then did an up grade this week on my iphone to 3.1.2 The entire thing crashed. Has to use restore. Now will not give the tethering option even though I reinstalled from your web site. Any ideas on a new go around?

  • Matty Poo

    i did this and at first it didnt work until i realized that if you have IPHONE OS 3.1.x or later than you need to download BLACKRA1N (blackra1n) from your iphone and than install BLACKSN0W (blacksn0w) from that…..
    this is where i figured it out. First follow the directions for downloading the profile from above than use this link to download blackra1n and restart your iphone or ipod and it should work.

  • Christy

    Any plans for making this available for version 3.1.2?

  • ch

    Upgrading to 3.1 kills the ability to do this, even downgrading again to 3.0 won't allow you to.

  • Silver

    I need help please.

    After I installed the Internet tethering, I went to general- network. I don't see the new program there.

  • suresh dahal

    guys ! any tricks you've found please share. I am on Iphone 3gs 3.1. Help please.

  • hopeless

    my country and operator is unavailable to select(malaysia). anyone can help? thank

  • bb97

    Tethering does not show up on 3.1 but since there has been no answer in a month I assume this thread is dead?

  • Scott H.

    Works like a champ when you do it on a laptop that has iTunes 8.2 installed. My mistake initially was trying to use a laptop that did not have 8.2 on it. Once I updated to 8.2 the modem driver was found and it worked immediately. Thanks for pointing to such a great "hack". I'm going to be losing my aircard due to budget cuts; this is a huge help to me.

  • Nick

    I used the hack to get teethering working on 3.1.2. It can be a bit confusing if you have never used cyberduck and/or terminal but it works. Below is a link that shows you how to get teethering on 3.1.2

  • Akiyama Acez

    Wow! Thanks for this tutorial. It works perfectly for my redsn0w jailbroken 3G. And after doing a tad bit of sniffing around on other websites, I heard AT&T really doesn't charge you if you have the unlimited data plan. I haven't downloaded anything yet and have only been using I for YouTube and a chat client and it works like a charm. Kudos to you! By the way, if anyone has any questions, I'll try and help you out.

  • McKay

    so far native tethering does not work on iphone 2g and i dont know if it is possible. the easiest way to work around this is to download pdanet to your phone (from cydia) and to your computer. pdanet is not the native tethering application, but it works just as well.

  • thinki

    If you have 3.1 you cant tether internet unless you have a jailbroken iphone, then your only chance here is to wait for a fox (i think its unlikely) or downgrade to 3.0. then you can tether.

    tke a look at this

  • lee

    i have t mobile iphone how can i use my phone as a modem plz help me

  • cody

    Anyone know a fix for 3.1? This was a big reason why I upgraded so this is frustrating that I can't do this!

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    WOW…this worked for me like a charm,I can connect my laptop an pc to the internet with this,and with the 3G speed and no extra charges from AT&T.I have a jailbroaken iPhone 3G 3.0.I love this man,thanks for the tutorial…

  • E3

    Is it reakly free?

  • Dave

    I installed the tethering and it worked sweet. 5 minutes later, iTunes informed me of software update 3.1, so I clicked yes. Internet tethering then stopped working. How infuriating. πŸ™

  • Myiphone

    Does not work on 3.1 firmware

  • Dmanflynn

    Hey i have an idea, how about someone respond to craig and val. I have the same problem and so far three people on this page of comments alone have had this problem and nobody responds at all. I have a jailbroken/unlocked 3.0 2g iphone and tried this and have had no luck. It downloads, installs but doesnt show up. Im on att too. Help guys thats what this site for i thought

  • KBW

    Using the profile doesn't allow MMS to work. Profile updates quit working too.

  • KW

    sounds like many of you have upgraded to 3.1 (maybe without even knowing it)…if you've connected to iTunes recently, you're likely upgraded to 3.1. The tethering is disabled in 3.1 and you can't downgrade to 3.0. (well, you can, but Apple kicks you to the curb when you try to get support). At least we now have MMS.

  • val

    I have the same problem as Craig, option number 8, internet tethering won't show! help meee pleasee!

  • survivor

    i did it it worked flawless, but i'd wish i was able to use the t mobile 3g network, because the edge is kind of slow

  • Craig

    I tried installing the profile twice but the tethering option didn't show at all. Help, please?

  • suresh dahal

    I've downloaded the setting after reading this thread and followed the instruction. But while going through the main setting it doesn't show any tethering option. Help me please.

  • NTH

    Can someone please put some instructions on how to manually set up your PC to recognize the Iphone as an internet source? I'm running Vista 64 bit and it is not recognizing my Iphone as an internet source. The iphone appears to be set up correctly, tethering enabled.

  • Mike

    This worked great for a while, and no extra charges from AT&T. After updating phone to 3.1, visual voicemail quit working and itunes would lock up when trying to sync.

  • garyh

    I have the same problem as saleh. I worked fine for a week of two and then it quit. It doesn’t even show internet tethering in the network settings anymore. I have reinstalled but still have the same problem. I did install itunes 9.0 about the time it quit working but when I use my wife’s 3gs for tethering that still works. any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Kam

    Any idea when the 3.1 fix will be available?

  • eric

    Everything worked on iphone. New dell with windows 7. Not recognizing iphone as usb modem. Any ideas?

  • Mitch

    no, you can't roll back to 3.0.1

    when attempting a firmware restore, apple servers are contacted and either approve or deny the action.

    apple no longer authorizes restores of the 3.0.1 firmware, only 3.1, and yes, an internet connection is required to perform a restore. i tried doing it offline but it wanted an internet connection.

  • William

    IS there anyone to roll back???

    this makes it sounds like, no

    I am getting ready to go on a trip in two days and need this for broadband for 72 hours….and I upgraded to 3.1

  • mike

    note on the site where you download the profile…Update 10.09.09: I’m working on an update for Firmware 3.1. Stay tuned

    I just updated to 3.1 too, hopefully there's a fix otherwise I'm gonna downgrade.

  • Tracy

    Yep, not working for me either, I also just updated my iphone firmware to the 3.1, please advise if there is a fix.

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  • Mana

    I followed the instruction and I don't see Internet Tethering On or Off option (pic.8). I have a jailbroken iPhone 3G (AT&T) firmware 3.1.1. Help!!

  • Crashphoenix

    This isnt working for me either. I have at&t,2G iphone, version 3.0.1 installed. I downloaded the profiles, went into settings/network, and all that shows up is data roaming, vpn, and wi-fi. I've uninstalled and re-installed several times, and also re-set my network. Same thing every time. Any ideas?

  • Robert

    Upgraded to 3.1 and tethering was disabled, even after reinstalling this profile. Is there a fix for 3.1?

  • dylan

    Hey guys, i have a Jail Broken Iphone 3g and i just started using it to tether and it works amazing, i just hope that i dont have a tethering payment to make when my bill comes in. I dont think i will but who knows? When i Have a 3g connection its accually really fast.

  • Does enabling tethering void the insurance on your iPhone? Like jailbreaking deos?

  • moecephus

    I was a Palm Treo user for 3 years with ATT. I have been tethering with ATT using PDA net on my palm treo for 2.5 years with an unlimited data plan some months reacing over 10GB of data usage. I purchased the iphone 32G S a month ago. I asked about tethering when I purchased the phone and the sales person said there would be no problem as long as continued the unlimited data plan. I have been tethering for a full month now with the iphone. I have still have the unlimited data plan. I had my legal council read the contract and NOWHERE in my ATT contract does a 5GB data cap exist. My first bill came in with 6.8 GB of data and no extra charges.

  • Ben

    Unlimited and 5GB cap seem to be highly contradicting. I love how the word unlimited is used when there is indeed restrictions on data usage. Such complete rubbish.

  • May

    I have an unlocked and jailbroken iphone 2G. I also have a pay as you go service thru at&t (unfortunately). I am wondering is there a way to get around their system so I will be able to access the internet/email when I am not at home?

    If not, would there be a way if I switched my sim card to t-mobile and set up a payasyou go with them?

  • BM

    Hey all, I've been looking into tethering for the iphone all day after a friend told me it's possible to do it mainly because I will be without an internet connection for 6 days. I'm a PC user (vista 64-bit) and live in Texas, USA. This install worked like a charm and was amazingly simple to implement!

    Like many others, I was worried about hidden fees, especially after reading a lot of comments on websites like these by users like you and I. I've heard all sorts of wacky claims like 'AT&T's unlimited data plan caps you at 5GB per month' while other sources claim it's 2GB/month. Whether or not that's true, I have no idea. but the fact that those two numbers contradict themselves, I'm not really willing to bet my money that those are accurate numbers. Either one of them.

    However, I just got off the phone with a second AT&T representative regarding this concern. I called earlier today to get this sorted out, but I wasn't convinced after speaking to only one representative and reading more posts online about potential charges for tethering. Both representatives told me that tethering will NOT affect my bill. I have unlimited data and texting (data being the key one), so the second rep assured me that I'm 'good to go'. As long as I do not roam out of the country, yes…including Canada, I will not be charged anything extra no matter how much tethering I do.

    I took down both of these reps names and I assure everyone on here that if I DO get any hidden charges, I WILL raise hell about it. But I wanted to pass along the info that if you're a US resident and have the unlimited data plan (which I think we're all forced to get when signing that 2 year AT&T iphone contract), you will be fine!

    If you don't believe me, call up an AT&T rep yourself (dial 611 on your iphone) and wait to speak to one. In fact, I urge you all to do that anyway. Even though I spoke to two different reps, I'd love to hear more positive reinforcement about this.

    FYI, I did not get into any trouble at all for asking about tethering. Don't be afraid to ask them. At first, I was. But after speaking with the first rep, her tone made it seem like tethering wasn't a big deal at all, regardless of me mentioning that it was for the iphone.

    Happy tethering!

  • Max

    I have had a hard time sharing my Internet connection with my mac OS 10.4.11 via USB. I don't see my iPhone in the pull down menu. I have been looking in System pref > network. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

  • ThatSeattleGuy

    Didn't work for me on the original 2G iphone, even though it's been upgraded to the iphone 3.0 release. There was no "tethering" setting under Settings > General > Network.

    Easy to remove, though – just click on "Profiles" and hit the remove button.

  • Rick Nice

    Ok lets get facts in order, AT&T FACTS ONLY

    AT&T has supported MMS for a while matter of fact almost all of their other phones are capable and supported.

    I Rendered The Services of AT&T (I miss Sprint sometimes) because of the 3g so my plan is as follows

    Unlimited Text which has always included MMS which would be unlimited as well. Ok so put the tin cans down I went over this with a very informative and savvy rep. (believe it or not) so NO additional charges only if yur to cheap to pay for top shelf.

    Also…NO..MMS is not part of the Data Plans which is still powered by Media Net FYI.

    Tethering uses data…. plus its not really a new technology (bluetooth and usb) they just made it available via an amendment of the software which was free so no extra charge for tethering unless somebody sold you Iphone OS 3.0 in that case you are an idiot and that is off topic….

    Again I received his info soundly from ATT and if you heard different then I would expect nothing less, ATT has proved to have their own way of doing things and thats final on their watch.

    No If's-Ands or Customers will get in the Machine's Way

    I mean we are just customers right?

  • Dianne T

    Thanks so much. so far so good!

  • anonymous

    To whom it may concerns,

    -First of all internet tethering is absolutely 100% free, and there is a few ways to get it, personally i like to use "pdanet" (found in cydia).

    -Second AT&T do see this abusive mass amount of data usage on your account each month, and the term "unlimited use" is only for your personal phone, not to sync with any other device. If you do then it will be going against your terms and conditions, and AT&T will close your account and charged you for the over usage. (that statement was made by a supervisor in AT&T customer care)

    -Third if you really want to use the internet tethering method just do it! But don't over do it and they would never really find out, because the cap AT&T has on their so call "unlimited data plan" is only 5GB, so if you ever go above that then you will be in the red zone. So just try to keep it under 5GB but above 4GB and you'll be good πŸ˜€ hope this helps some people.

  • Turbotrojan

    Superb product!! worked first time. Easy to follow install. Thanks.

  • saleh

    I installed this and it worked perfect. I travelled to the US and used for three days without having tous the hotel's services for internet. When I came back, it stopped working. I checked all settings they seem to be all right. I even uninstalled the software and started all over again, to no avail. It still does not work. I don't know the reason. Anybody has a clue. Thanks.

  • moecephus

    Has anyone recieved an enormous bill from ATT yet?

  • JC

    Please add Telcel Mexico to this great site:


    User: webgprs

    Password: webgprs2002

  • Bill

    Thanks I appreciate the solution.

    I didn't want to hack my iPhone, just doesn't seem safe for a business guy. However sometimes the Sprint card doesn't work in places where my iPhone works just fine.

    No problems, I was amazed at how easy it is.

  • David

    Worked on my netbook tethered and my Dell 630 via bluetooth. I have no other issues with other applications at all. I have the 3G.

  • Mike

    OK it didn't work for me at all, but I have the original 2G phone. It might only work on the 3G and 3GS. But, good news, it's very simple to uninstall. Just go to Settings > General > Profile, and click the big red "Remove" button. Done and done!!

  • Thanassis

    cool it works by deafault in Greece with vodafone (I pay 10 eyro per month to connect my iphone to the internet) by it was ready to connect with my laptop and give me iternet conection

  • pcman

    Ok WTF?? Does this shit only work on a MAC? I have a PC and did everything correctly but it doesn't actually connect. I have no idea what it means when the iPhone says Choose iPhone from the list of network services in your settings. Anyone know what this is?

  • damyris

    i did all the steps my tethering works find i can send messagss but if i try to send a pic it fails, can anyone help with this

  • dustin

    has anyone been charged by at&t for teethering an iphone 3gs?

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  • It works! After following the above steps and connecting the iPhone 3G (3.0) via usb cable, my iPhone displays a blue "Internet Tethering" message. For some reason, I can't pair my iPhone with my laptop via bluetooth. Once I can figure the pairing out, I'll have permanent wireless internet!

  • James

    Very easy to do & saves time since I'm not ready for jailbreak yet. Thanks!

  • Diego

    Hi when is Bolivia going to be included in the country list so i can configure internet tethering?

  • Izzy

    Is there a way to reverse this? It does work, but the iPhone is continuously losing network connectivity on all applications and has to be reset to use Safari.

  • Sal

    If you foloow the instructions it works exactly as described. It is working perfect.

  • Yomamma

    I tried this, but then my phone wasn't connecting to the Internet at all (not tethered). So I turned off tethering, and reset my phone- still no Internet. I deleted the profile, the Internet tethering option still shows up, and it works now. I don't know what went wrong.

  • Lalit

    Worked for me!! I see

    "07/29 09:07 PM wap.cingular Internet/MEdia Net Sent 156233KB" on my data statement for the downloads that I did after tethering. Before it use to show "07/29 02:08 AM phone Internet/MEdia Net Sent 1104KB". I will not bother until ATT guys call me πŸ™‚

  • Lalit

    Worked for me!! I see WAP.CINGULAR on my data statement for the downloads that I did after tethering. I will not bother until ATT guys call me πŸ™‚

  • nowontour

    I had it working on my 3GS but when I plugged it into my computer last night, the file was deleted. I think AT&T know and it auto updates any kind of go-arounds. Oh well…

  • Jonny

    Installed config in iPhone and enabled tethering fine, but when I connect to my Dell laptop nothing happens..


  • angel

    does it work for iphone 2g?

  • vinio


  • Carlos

    I just got a message from AT&t telling me that my "Your data charges are very high. To minimize a costly bill &service interrup call AT&T" uh. ? I think they do see it.

  • Paul

    At the top of the article, you mention tethering will work following your steps… After following all the steps, I ended up on the apple site to troubleshoot why it wasn't working. According to apple, tethering is not an option iPhone, only 3G & S models. No big deal, just thought Id mention it…

  • matt

    worked fine for me………..3g 3.0 jailbroke and runs great on my dell labtop. no more paying for air cards

  • john

    So is there any way for att to detect this? So with an unlimited data plan (that all iphones should have by default) this is 100% free? Can anyone confirm this?

  • xotch

    this did not work for me at all

  • ben

    after installing and using the tether i have noticed that my data plan usage has changed from "phone" to I think If i can see the difference showing up on my bill, that at&t will also see these changes. anyone else notice this?

  • Johnny

    THIS DEFINITELY, ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY WORKS!!! I have a 3G and initially it didn't work because I didn't have itunes on my laptop. After installing itunes it worked and detected it right away. If anything be sure to always unplug and replug the usb cable, that helped me a few times. And no my phone is not hacked in any way, all original.

  • drav

    Hey, i have that same issue… No Cellular data tab… What should i do?

  • Chris

    I have iphone 3g with 3.0 firmware, but i dont have the cellular data network tab. Can anyone help me?

  • Nomi

    Thanks alot. It worked for me in the first go.

    Is there any way i can find out, that i am not being charged for the data access.


  • Solace

    I've done it and it works out great! I have the option to use both USB, and direct connection. First, like the instructions says, after installing make sure you turn off your device. Note, you do have to put in some additional settings for your cellular network if you are on T-Mobie, but if you are on AT&T, you should be fine. The trick is the connection with the computer. You have to set up the connection for either, dial-up or bluetooth, if your computer supports it. Go to your control panel on your PC, select Network and Internet Connections, Set up or change internet connection,select add, any device that has an internet connection will appare. With Bluetooth, you have to search for your device an setup your internet connection from there. I hope this works for you, because I am using my iphone an my internet source now. Therfore, I Know it works.

  • Steve Pipenger

    I did it just like the site says. I get the following:

    1) I cannot go on internet at all without being connected to WIFI;

    2) Don't get the "internet tethering" message at top screen;

    3) Tried to hook up via USB. Nothing happened.

    [email protected] is my email. Looking at eden 1169 and his statement about itunes. Do you mean have iTunes open on laptop with phone hooked to laptop?

  • Michael

    i think the additional charges part is just a warning for those who dont have an unlimited plan(a generic warning message from att) probably just a general tethering message.

  • Jj

    It says additional charges may apply. How will that fall into at??

  • madison

    Sweeeeeeet! only thing is i cant seem to get it to work without the USB and run via bluetooth, despite having done the step by step process.

  • monl

    I have 2g 3.0 iphone i try all that step it did not work. On the NETWORK screen i didn't see ENABLE 3G or ENTERNET TETHERING on my iphone screen. I don't know if 2g 3.0 iphone should have intenet.

  • Victor

    i have the iphone 3G with the 3.0 OS. after step 7 i went to Settings > General > Network. I dont immediately get a switch to turn on Tethering, what i do get is a choice to Set Up Internet Tethering. When i click that option it tells me exactly this : "To enable tethering on this account, contact AT&T".

    at this point i dont know what to do. help pleasee.

  • Brian

    Will this work on the origional iPhone?

  • Michael

    Installed this and works perfectly, i have a regular 3g iphone with updated software. My phone is stock and not hacked in any way, and as far as ATT not wanting us to do this i got the instructions on how to tether from Itunes. It didnt mess up anything on the phone at all.

  • Tung

    After downloading and installing the new Internet tethering enabled profile, some users may report MMS and/or VVM (Visual Voicemail) problem, where MMS or Visual Voicemail stops working

    I examined the ipcc and mobileconfig files and they both have the following lines:






    That's the reason why VVM may stop working. Also the reason why some settings in the files for mms doesnt show up after installing the files.

    Basically, those above lines say that the apn: wap.cingular is for data, mms, and vvm apns. But vvm apn isn't wap.cingular but supposed to be acds.voicemail. Manually changing the VVM apn in setings>general>network>cellular data network to acds,voicemail will allow visual voicemail to work correctly but that cause the tethering option to disappear, especially on a reboot or respring.

    Best thing is to use the correct type-masks.

  • K no D


    Got 2 Luv technology!!!!!!

  • Dan

    I also have an unlocked and jailbroken 2g iPhone. I have not tried this hack yet and would like to hear from anyone with an identical phone jf they have had any luck getting it to work.


    IS THIS FREE???????

  • gogu

    Brian, I get the same thing. the tethering tab is missing (from DATA ROAMING goes directly to VPN) It doesn't look like in the picture above. Maybe it doesn't work with 2g version of the iPhone…

  • Blaise Brennan

    Is this 100% free? I am going on vacation to a resort with no wifi and I plan on using this the whole time, but I want to be sure that I'm not going to have a $300 phone bill. I have unlimited data on AT&T.

  • eden1169

    this article and others related fail to mention that you have to have itunes, lates and greates version, installed and initially open. If you don't do this tethering is not recognized. Well, this was my experience anyway. I was following the above mentioned directions gleaned from another article and this one too and "wondered" if it would work if I had itunes open and low and behold it did. just my 2 cents and that's not worth much these days…

  • Brian

    i have a 2g iphone with 3.0 update unlocked and jailbroken on us tmobile, i installed the profile and the profile shows up uinder settings, but when i go to settings general network, there is no tab to enable tethering on and off. where is it or how do i get it?

  • Sean

    Can't AT&T detect if you are using it? Would tethering be free if it were already activated by them? I just don't understand how it works without them charging you extra.

  • Darryl

    I installed the tethering hack, and turned it on, but don't know where to go from there. How do I install iPhone as wireless modem on my pc?

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