i2i-stream.jpgThe privately held manufacturer of FM transmitters and wireless audio accessories, Aerielle has recently launched its new wireless music-sharing audio device – i2i Stream. It’s an innovative and cool music devices which designed to broadcast your musics to all your friends that also have i2i Streams in a range of 30 feet wirelessly.


As what you see in the photo, there’re seven color channels available for the users to choose for broadcasting.

Key Features Of i2i Stream:

  • Universally compatible with 3.5mm audio jack including iPod, MP3 and media players; Earphones & headphones; Portable speakers
  • Stream One-To-Many (unlimited)
  • Delivers CD quality sound wirelessly up to 30 feet
  • Compact and very light
  • Every i2i Stream can broadcast or receive music

The new i2i Stream wireless music broadcaster will be available at Aerielle’s online store in pairs for $129, with individually unit costs for $69.