We have been hearing quite a different way of harnessing kinetic energy for electricity such as recharging concept using Baoding ball or Orange Power Pump, but the recent one that being deployed for superstore with involvement from public could be something new for you. As an initiative effort towards greener environment, AEST, a California based company has just unveiled a new revolution way on how to harness kinetic energy utilizing vehicles’ weight when by-passing a specially designed platform. Named as road plate technology, it is claimed to be able to harness an approximate of 10,000 to 12,000 kWh of electricity, sufficient enough to power up the Sainsbury, the England’s third largest chain store’s lighting and appliances for daily operation.

The mechanism behind is it is based on a hydraulic concept road plate system that can create electricity when pressure is applied on it. So when the vehicles move over the plates placed at the entrance to the car park continuously, it will drive the generator which in turn create electricity that can be stored and channeled back to the store to be used for powering up all lightings and checkout machines.

Although the initial deployment cost, around $2.5M is huge, but it is definitely a good investment in view of the potential saving of over $1000 per day with total return in six years time and more importantly, it will be able to create awareness among shoppers when they shop around in the shopping complex.