Ever wonder what can be done to a light bulb other than just producing the light to brighten up your world? The idea of using readily available power source of the light bulb socket for other purpose than producing light is not new, but is surely gathering momentum with the advance of technology. If you’re thinking of listening to your favorite music through your lamb, AirBulb is an upcoming product that you may be interested.


AirBulb is a smart home appliance which combines a dimmable, bi-colored LED lighting and a Bluetooth wireless audio speaker in the center, which allows users a very easy way to equip his or her home with remote speakers. As the entire package of dual function AirBulb is self-contained, it can be easily screwed in into power-ready socket, and with audio transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth connectivity after simple pairing, it effectively eliminates any need of wiring for electricity and audio, reducing clutter.

AirBulb also comes with an app, supporting iOS or Android, which serves as the remote control to control all the functions such as dimming the light, changing the color temperature, turning wireless on or off, choosing the songs to listen to, configuring the alerts to receive notification via flashing light such as when there is incoming calls. The AirBulb even comes with relaxing natural sound built-in that you can play right away.


Main features of AirBulb:

  • Wireless audio transmission by Bluetooth technology
  • Bluetooth A2DP, AVRCP, Bluetooth 4.0 Compatible
  • Multiple speakers connection (up to 2 devices)
  • AAC Codec over Bluetooth supported
  • apt-X Codec over Bluetooth supported
  • Wireless On/Off and dimmable control by Apps (support both iOS and Android)
  • Different color temperature (Warm White and Cool White) controlled by Apps
  • Incoming call and alarm notification
  • Different patterns of flashing light
  • Relaxing natural sound
  • Simple & stylish design
  • Easy to install on a standard lamp socket (E26/E27)
  • Power supply AC 110-240V @ 50-60 Hz
  • 3W Class D AMP output power
  • Full range acoustic driver
  • 6 high power LEDs
  • Environmental friendly: No mercury or halogens

Here’s an introductory videos to AirBulb:

AirBulb by Avantconcept based in Hong Kong is currently available via Kickstarter for early bird pledge of $59, a $10 discount off its next pledge amount which entitles you to a set of AirBulb. Check out Kickstarter project page for more information.