amd_logo_us-en.gifAMD has divulged details of its upcoming ATI Radeon HD 2000 series, a top-to-bottom line of ten discrete graphics processors (GPUs) for desktop, notebook PCs and mobile platforms. This family of GPUs delivers The Ultimate Visual Experience™ through best-in-class immersive high-definition gaming and high-definition multimedia playback.

Radeon HD2400, HD2600 and HD2900 series of graphics are planned for desktop PCs. The HD 2400 cards features clock speeds of 525MHz to 700MHz, memory clock of 400MHz to 800MHz, 40 stream processing units and 256MB DDR3 memory. It is targeting the value market segment. The HD 2600 cards target different market. It is designed for mainstream users who need clock speeds of 600MHz to 800MHz, memory clock of 400MHz to 1,100MHz, 120 stream processing units and 256MB DDR3 memory. The High end HD2900 cards for enthusiasts will have a clock speed of 740MHZ, memory clock of 825MHz, 320 stream processing units and 512MB DDR3 memory.
The HD 2400, HD 2600 and HD 2900 will feature advanced antialiasing and texture filtering capabilities fast high dynamic range rendering and improved shader and geometry processing. These graphics cards also support ATI Avivo HD technology for smooth playback of HD DVD and Blu-ray content. They also support for HDMI.

For notebook PCs, Radeon HD2000 series provides HD2300, HD2400 and HD2600 graphic processors which will utilize ATI’s PowerPlay 7.0 technology to deliver better power and performance management for longer battery.

Tentatively, the ATI Radeon series will be available in the market in July. Read more from AMD.