Due to high demand in entry level laptop and upcoming nettop or netbook, AMD (Advanced Micro Device) plans to develop a next generation low cost processor targeted for the consumer market segment where Intel Inc and Via Technologies have already started to conquer with their newly released Atom and Nano respectively.

Based on reliable source, the new series of low cost processor will be based on its famous AMD64 K8 architecture that supports both 32-bit and 64-bit processing. The processor will support single core with maximum frequency of up to 1.2GHz. Although it may not seems competitive in terms of performance when comparing with Intel Atom that features duo-core and max clock speed of up to 1.6GHz. However, AMD plans to position its next generation processor at even lower price as compared to Atom and Nano in order to grab some seats especially in entry level laptop that is so cost sensitive. Not only that, AMD is believed to start engaging with some third party board vendors such as Acer, MSI (Micro-Star International) to get the ball rolling while waiting for the actual prototype for board fabrication.

No doubt, this is definitely a good news especially for consumers that can expect better and competitive pricing. The processor will be launched by end of this year with actual product commercialized in first half of 2009. Hopefully there will be another round of price slashing war that made the low cost laptop even more affordable to public eventually.