Motorola’s Droid, the most anticipated Android smartphone is on the way to reach consumer market soon but before it is available for public, the long waiting high-end Android based smartphone device has appeared in Motorola official website for a short period of time due to some reason before it was removed, causing some initial specification and information leak to public.


The next generation smartphone is claimed to be powered by an ARM based processor running at 550MHz, a slightly faster clocking as compared to typical 528MHz processor being used in most of the high end devices in smartphone market. However, no detailed information on which specific architecture it is based on but some do believe that it could be on Cortex-A8 which can perform better even at a slower clock speed. As you may aware, Droid will be preloaded with latest Android 2.0 that features a full HTML5 web browser, and not to be lacked behind, it will be getting ready for full Adobe Flash 10.1 support when the new Linux based Operating System is available by early 2010. To make it a full feature powerful mobile companion, the company has integrated a 5-megapixel camera, a 3.7-inch touchscreen with 854X480 resolutions as well as some commonly used wireless technologies such as CDMA-EVDO Rev A, GPS (Global Positioning System) and WLAN WiFi for seamless connectivity while on the move. On top of these, a QWERTY built-in hard keyboard has been included as an optional input panel to ease up the greater and convenience user experience especially suitable for those that intends to migrate from conventional Symbian mobile phones but was held back due to touch screen or soft keyboard.

Estimated to be priced around $600 (without subsidies from telcos), the powerful Android smartphone Motorola Droid will be brought in by Verizon as Motorola’s flagship and will be reaching commercial market in early November.