We have heard about Gloves with sensors that can be used to sense users’ movements and eventually be translated to some electrical signals interacting with computer system directly. However, most of them are either available in prototype stage or being used for specific applications that none of them is ready for commercial market. Good news now, AnthroTronix has just announced the readiness of its first commercial version of AcceleGlove for consumer market.


The mechanism behind of how the AcceleGlove works is it is based on a number of Accelerometers that resided in each fingertip and hand locations that will detect the gesture movements which can be programmed to handle different computer tasks. All these sensor data will be feed through a tiny circuitry board located behind the gloves and trigger further action accordingly. The usage model is very wide, ranging from sports activities, gaming, children education as well as robotic control since it allows developer to program for any applications that they prefer. Good thing is, the AcceleGlove can be stretch to fit different hand size while still allowing convenience typing as usual.

The AcceleGlove is expected to cost around $499, which is quite affordable for users that need a unique way of interacting with PC system for much efficient and powerful tasks handling experiences.