While cycling is a great way to get some well-deserved exercise, beat the jam, and protect the environment, it is also more susceptible to theft as chaining your two-wheeled vehicle to a pole or fence does not offer much protection. The conventional bicycle lock is easily cut into two or tampered with. A new invention (on paper) may just make it safer and more worthwhile to invest in a dream bike.

The Halo Bike Lock, as its name suggest, is shaped like a circle, and looks stylish enough to be an accessory for any mean machine. The connector cable that secures your cycle to an external object is housed within a frame which makes it more difficult for thieves to tamper with. The flexible cable is not exposed and the external shield may act as a deterrent for criminals. More importantly, the Halo Bike Lock will have an integrated wireless card in it which will keep the owner notified in the event of any tampering. The owner will receive a text message that someone is trying to break open the lock and can immediately alert the police to stop the theft or recover the stolen bike. Funding from investors is needed before this idea by Steve Hunt is realized.