The global leader in memory module and digital storage hardware and software, Apacer Technology has announced its new portable music player, named as Audio Steno AU840. It’s the powerful multimedia center which features a large 2.2 inch colour TFT display, smooth video playback, dual earphone output jacks as well as an integrated high-quality stereo speaker, aiming for sharing digital entertainment in style.


According to C.K. Chang, Apacer Technology’s Product Director, “The development concept of AU840 comes from sharing multimedia program between people. As more and more popularity of digital device applications, people are used to storing their precious moment in digital formats to share with others conveniently. However, the most MP3 or MP4 players nowadays are made for single user only. From now on, the new AU840 is going to help people share their digital life with their friends.”

The latest Apacer Audio Steno AU840 multimedia center which available in 2GB and 4GB versions will hit Indian market soon but no words on pricing yet.