Perhaps you are a budding musician practicing hard in the garage day and night yet your confidence is gradually waning because there is no one to applaud your awesome talent. What better way to boost your self esteem than to get your hands on Applause Machine from Laikingland.

About 18 inches high, this remarkable Applause Machine is made of powder-coated steel, brass, plastic and walnut. It runs on two AAA batteries and is available in five cool colors – red, green, orange, black and white. This Applause Machine will always be your loyal supporter and put its big hands together for you (as long as the batteries do not run flat) when you press a button on its wood base. Although a mere machine, this invention plays an important role as ego booster to spur you to greater heights. Priced at approximately $300, Applause Machine is a bargain (there is no price too high for the soul) and will make a delightful Christmas gift for someone who needs cheering up.