If you are Apple’s iPhone users that would like to use the powerful smartphone device to listen to FM radio, then you will be glad to listen to this piece of news. The famous Cupertino based manufacturer is believed to be in the progress of developing an iPhone apps that will turn on its hidden capability so that users can tune to FM radio stations just like what can be achieved by iPod Nano currently.


As you may aware the Apple has disabled some of its hardware capability in its iPhone for some reasons. For instances, the hardware itself is believed to be able to support wireless 802.11n protocol while it has been limited to relatively lower bandwidth 802.11b/g wireless technology. Besides, the processor itself is speculated to able to handle full HD 1080p media clips even through it doesn’t officially listed it in its hardware specifications. One of the main concerns could be due to the excessive current drawn when the processor was run at full speed, which eventually impact the battery life to be used as a mobile companion while on the move.

The action will definitely pose some serious threat to its rival’s solution, Microsoft’s Zune which is capable to support HD (High Definition) radio with its embedded Nvidia’s Tegra processor solution. However, there is no confirmation on when will the apps be released yet and what is more, the famous Cupertino-based company may have plan to integrate a new feature allowing users to purchase favorite songs listened through radio stations as part of the iTunes Mobile online store purchase program.