Previously we mentioned about the teardown analysis that showed a 720p HD capable processor being embedded in Apple latest’s iPhone 3G S, but in actual fact, the processor is claimed to be capable of delivering 1080p full HD media decode capability based on testing conducted by a forum member at Weiphone.


During the testing, a full HD with 1920 X 1080 resolution media clip was copied from PC then played in iPhone and surprisingly, it is claimed to be able to run smoothly at 30 fps (Frame per second) without any lagging. Furthermore, the media playback was run on its original iPhone player without any tweaking or third party software assist. If this is true, quite interesting and wonder why Apple Inc doesn’t advertise its full capability as the best mobile device in terms of media playback. Some do speculate that the main concerns could be due to the excessive power drawn when the processor was run at full speed, which eventually impact the battery life to be used as a conventional mobile device. Besides, HD video generally consumes much more storage space and can easily take up the full capacity available even at 32GB maximum storage.

Nevertheless, with current capability of iPhone processor and hardware acceleration offload by Imagination Techonlogy PowerVR SGX graphics core, the video playback is impressive enough since it is not meant to be projected on external huge screen but instead, it only needs to fill up a 640 X 400 resolutions screen while on the move.