Nowadays technology convergence is a huge trend with more functions being integrated into a single device. Similar happens to Apple Inc’s products that have been aggressively developed with more and more features added to be able to stand out from the crowd. And obviously, this trend seems to have gradually taken away its ‘traditional’ iPod series from the market space. One of the major reasons was due to its own hot selling iPhone and iPod touch that cannibalize its lower end iPod products such as nano, shuffle as well as classic series.

apple iphone

The situation is understandable as consumers are expecting a single device that can do everything and obviously, iPod series’ role as MP3 players no longer seems to be competitive. Instead of purchasing few gadgets individually, consumers rather spend more to get an all-in-one device that also simplifies the need to carry few gadgets while on the move. Regardless of what it is, Apple Inc is believed to still occupying 70 percent of MP3 players in this competitive market space.

The cannibalization is quite common especially in fast and dynamic market segments and another example is the giant chipmaker, Intel was also believed to have cannibalizing its entry level and middle range notebook processors sales with its famous Atom processors released into the market.