Apple iPad, the latest offering from Apple in the Tablet PC form factor, has included bunch of most advanced features and hardware specifications in both iPad Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 3G models, that may be important for its success, though it still lack some key components such as camera, HDMI out, and GPS and SIM card tray (for low-end Wi-Fi model). However, the single factor that may make or break iPad will probably its retail price point, which Apple has revealed.

Apple iPad

The Apple iPad price for US market starts from a base price of $499, which represents the cheapest price one can get to buy iPad. Table below lists recommended price for two models of iPad – WiFi and WiFi + 3G with different storage space versions, according to Apple website.

Apple iPad Price

Model 16 GB 32 GB 64 GB
Wi-Fi $499 $599 $699
Wi-Fi + 3G $629 $729 $829

Apple iPad Prices

International price will be announced at a later date. And, consumers likely to be able to purchase iPad at slightly below the official price listed above, due to discount and promotion by retailers. Overall, the higher end model of iPad Wi-Fi + 3G model is $130 more expensive than the non-3G model. And, the price of iPad does not included 3G data plan, where iPad users have to sign up separately with AT&T, with the following price. The price for iPad, especially Wi-Fi + 3G model may be lower if there is subsidized version be sold on contract.

AT & T 3G Data Plan Price

250 MB per Month Plan: $14.99 / month
Unlimited Plan: $29.99 /month