Apple’s 3G S iPhone is known for its speedy and high performance with more powerful processor embedded into it as a differentiation feature set compared to its predecessor. Not long after the Apple’s 3G S iPhone being released to market, there are already a mixture of good and bad news about the powerful devices. Just recently, some users have started to complaint about the devices that get heated up when running with different applications.


The overheat symptom would happen especially when users tried to run certain CPU intensive applications such as gaming as well as GPS (Global Positioning System). Although it is quite subjective on how to quantify the amount of heat dissipation but those users that compliant used to have experience in using its previous generation iPhone as a benchmarking and comparison standard.

There is no official response from Apple Inc if this is related to their handsets’ firmware or hardware issues but according to some reliable sources, this could be due to its powerful CPU that consumes much higher current and power dissipation as compared to its predecessor. Besides, its new OS 3.0 is also being blamed for not able to perform proper power management especially when some existing iPod Touch users claimed that they experience hotter iPod device after upgrading to version 3.0 OS.