We have mentioned about the Hasbro handheld 3D viewer device targeted for iPhone with intention to transform it to 3D viewing capable device, and if you wonder what Apple have in mind for its future products, the recent patent filing may give you some clue. According to the patent idea, the Cupertino-based company may have plan to develop a next generation iOS device that is capable to capture 3D photo as well as video recording.

Instead of relying on software algorithm that could limit the image processing with artificial result due to blind pixel filing with the merge of seperate shots captured using multiple cameras, the new patent filing method emphasizes on the use of hardware mechanism that is claimed to be able to stitch the images together better with a “deterministic calculation for stereo disparity compensation”. These hardware modules may include an digital imaging system with multiple luma, chroma and depth/distance sensors that can capture and transform images into 3D images that can be displayed directly on a 3D capable display screen.

However, it is too early to estimate on which next generation iOS devices may have such feature, but no doubt this is a great hint on what future products may be capable at especially in handling 3D image capturing and processing based on sophisticated hardware sensors.