Some of the Apple iPod Touch’s customers may have encountered the LCD issue that has been in hot discussion not long after the official product release. Initially it is suspected to be related to hardware issue due to inferior quality of an LCD module. To be precise, the symptom known as black level screen was said to be due to anti-reflective coating on the iPod’s screen itself. But now there seems to be a solution for it – a firmware upgrade that is able to return it to normal condition.


Interesting, it appears to be a software fix to the hardware issue or could possibly due to wrong assumption earlier that the ‘defect’ was due to the LCD module. Although Apple. Inc doesn’t disclose any investigation and root cause of it, but the firmware upgrade is said to have great effect in reducing the symptom, if not eliminated it totally. Some have even speculated that the patch may just tune the original brightness and contrast settings to recover from ‘defect’.

The iPod touch’s firmware version 1.1.1 with a huge size of 150MB is made available to users now together with the iPhone firmware release recently. One thing we are still unclear, why Apple Inc. has to admit the escapees of inferior units to the field while they can just resolve it with just a simple software patch release to the users.