Previously we mentioned about Apple’s patent concept of Volume auto control detection that able to adjust audio volume automatically, now there is a new innovative idea with the ability of auto adjusting devices’ volume based on detection on ambient audio level so that users don’t have to manually adjust it anymore.

The patent further disclosed that the detection will based on a sound sensor, or a microphone module that is tiny enough to be attached to any portable devices. All the surrounding audio level will be sensed and fed through this sound sensor that eventually help to control audio level of either ringing tone or speaker volume of mobile devices. The volume will be changed dynamically as long as there is a detection of change in the noise floor so that users will still able to communicate in noisy environment. Besides, users are allowed to customize the audio settings based on own preference or when there is a change into the way of listening such as when a new headphone is plugged in.

No further confirmation if there is a plan to implement this new feature into its next generation product lines, but it is definitely one of a good concept to have in future mobile devices such as iPhone or iPod so that users no longer need to adjust their volume settings manually each and every time when the ambient environment changes.