We have mentioned about TenClips and CopyPasteTool that are able to copy and paste multiple texts at once, but if you are looking for ways to copy and paste multiple objects more than just pure text, here is a tiny utility that you can consider. Named as ArchiveClipboard, it allows users to copy and paste multiple objects even including images, files and folders’ path without limiting yourself to text based contents.

Once install and launch the utility, it will open up a neat interface with both System and Archive Clipboard arranged in separate panes. As it is self explanatory, System Clipboard will store the latest copied information while the Archive Clipboard will have all the history including any previously copied items categorized properly in Text, Images or Files. Without complicated setup required, users can start using it immediately and it will stay at system tray whenever not used. Double clicking on any items (even including previous one) will allow a preview mode and that is not all, users can easily move the desired copied item up to System Clipboard by simply drag and drop or activating Ctrl + V function key so that it can be pasted in any document without hassle of retyping.

Consumed around 2.7MB of your hard disk space, ArchiveClipboard is CPU and memory bandwidth friendly and is compatible to run in any Windows Operating System for effective daily tasks especially suitable for those that deal a lot with copy and paste functionality.