Previously we mentioned about Asus Eee’s EB1002 and EB1006 that is based on Intel Atom single core processor, now seems that the Taiwanese company is ready to launch the new duo-core series targeted for those that are looking for higher processing power for daily computing. Named as EB1012, it is claimed to be able support full HD (High Definition) 1080p media decode capability thanks to the use of powerful NVIDIA’s Ion chipset.


Being designed with Intel Atom duo-core N330 series processor running at 1.6GHz per core, the system offers a significant boost of performance power as compared to its predecessor products. Besides having extra CPU cycles for normal processes task handling, its companion chipset, Nvidia’s Ion is able to offload graphics and video intensive applications which is much more efficient as compared to Intel’s own legacy chipsets such as 945GSE or US15W SCH. More importantly, the system is claimed to be low power with only 40 watt, which is around 80% lesser power consumption than a conventional PC system. Some specifications include a 4GB memory RAM support, 250GB hard disk drive, with six USB 2.0 host ports, one eSATA (Serial ATA) interface as well as HDMI for high definition content streaming directly onto full HD LCD panel.

With all these great combination, the system can serve as an ideal multimedia center with greater audio and visual experience in your digital home. No pricing information yet, the X86 based system is officially available now and will be preloaded with Windows Vista Home Premium Operating System.