We have mentioned about Nvidia next generation Ion 2 that could potentially be paired with Intel Atom D510 Pinetrail processor, now seems that there are more concrete evidence with the announcement of new Asus EeeTop PC. Named as ET2010PNT, it is the first Intel Atom D510 Pinetrail based PC that being designed with advanced discrete Nvidia Ion 2 graphics solution targeted to reduce the shortcomings in graphics performance experienced by most nettops.

The EeeTop PC is featured with 20-inch LCD screen and it could potentially be the one of the most powerful machines based on Intel latest Atom D510 processor and Nvidia advanced Ion 2 graphics chipset. With its dual-core processor clocking at 1.66GHz maximum speed and coupled with advanced GeForce G310 based Ion 2 chipset, the machine can decode and scale resolution up to 1600 x 1200, far more sufficient to display and playback full HD (High Definition) media contents suitable for multimedia centric solution for both home and office environment. All these are well packed in sleek and stylish chassis that can be positioned in living room and to make it a perfect multimedia and graphics solution, it is equipped with commonly available DVI, HDMI and optional DisplayPort for external displays on top of its touch sensitive screen that is able to support multi-touch technology as an additional selling point to compete against other rivals’ solutions.

No pricing information yet, the machine will be preloaded with Windows 7, making it one of the best all-in-one multimedia PCs in nettop market.