We have heard the new Nvidia Ion 2 GPU that is on the way replacing its first generation Ion solution targeted for netbook market. While most of us are still wondering if the new GPU will be able to path its way pairing with new Intel processor, but based on reliable source, Nvidia, the famous discrete GPU maker has further confirmed that the Ion 2 GPU will be compatible to work with Intel Pineview N450 processor suitable for much multimedia intensive application after the recent official announcement of Intel’s upcoming Pinetrail solution.

By default, Intel Pineview either in the form of N450 (for nettop), D410 or D510 (for single and dual-core desktop respectively) is being designed to pair with NM10 southbridge. Although the new Pineview processor has its graphics and memory controllers being integrated into the core and is expected to boost up the CPU and graphics performance, but the outcome may still not able to meet some consumers’ needs especially those that trying to position the device as a gaming machine with rich 3D graphics rendering or powerful multimedia system that able to handle full HD videos playback with greater multimedia experiences.

However, no detail on how the Nvidia’s Ion 2 solution supposed to pair with Pineview technically, either going through PCI-Express via NM10 Southbridge or through other high bandwidth interfaces but obviously, Broadcom’s solution using BCM70015 mini PCI Express card module is much simpler and cost-effective for system integrators to design with which can be used to offload some media processing while leaving enough CPU cycles for other processing simultaneously.