You may wonder which computer’s brand is the most reliable products in current PC market. A recently released reliability report from RESCUECOM Computer has disclosed that Asus is currently ranked number one in terms of reliability and post-sales service, putting Apple and Lenovo in second and third position in this competitive and highly dynamic industries.

The report was summarized based on percentage of computers being shipped versus the number of calls received by RESCUECOM helpline in a quarter timeframe and besides judging from the defect rate or reliability of products point of view, it also depends on how good the post-sale support from the respective manufacturers. Surprisingly, Asus, the Taiwanese PC manufacturer was rated with 416 as the highest score, leaving behind Apple and Lenovo at second and third place at 394 and 314 respectively. One of the main reasons that contributes to the great score including the sales ramp thanks to its Eee series being released eight months ago. With its reliable system components and great outlook design, the portable machine has managed to secure a major market share as the new netbook market’s representative deriving from entry level notebook market. Other manufacturers that are in the top-five list include Toshiba with a score at 218 and HP/Compaq at merely 142.

This is definitely one of the good consideration factors for you to decide which manufacturers’ products you are going to choose, besides the price and system specifications as the main driving factors.