e-Book reader is one of the hottest markets now with more and more models being developed and if you wonder what Asus has in mind, the famous Taiwanese PC maker has recently unveiled its upcoming e-book reader, DR-950 ready to fight against other rivals’ products with some new features and enhancements.

While DR-950 is not the first model from Asus (first model is DR-570 with 6-inch OLED display), but it is the first one to feature with 9-inch touchscreen, a relatively large interface intended to fight head-to-head with famous Kindle from Amazon. Instead of adopting OLED technology, it is featured with grayscale SiPix e-paper that has able to extend the screen size up to 1024 x 768 resolution without incurring additional cost and consuming too much power. Some additional features include the RSS reader, text to speech translation (up to 26 different languages) as well as various supported file formats, making it easier to compatible with almost any file formats such as HTML, PDF, PNG, JPEG, MP3 and etc that are commonly available in today’s market. On top of these, the Taiwanese manufacturer has integrated an up to 4GB internal memory, expandable SD card slot, USB port as well as Wi-Fi and 3G for seamless connectivity suitable for readers that are moving around. All these are well packed into a 9-mm thickness casing with total weight of merely 13-ounces.

No pricing and availability yet, but it is expected to be within sub $200 price point as an affordable e-book reader to enter into this competitive market space.