We just mentioned about LiveWire HomePlug Powerline solution from WD (Western Digital) but if your home really lack of power outlets that can be utilized but still would like to get rid of physical cabling, here is an alternative solution from Altona that you can consider. Named as AT-PCLINK, it is a new wireless KVM that can stream audio, video as well as keyboard and mouse control with necessary interfaces supported by UWB (Ultra Wide Band) wireless technology.

Basically the kit consists of two USB dongles, with one as a transmitter and another one as a receiver. With a distance of up to 30 feet from transmitter, the receiver can be located near to your digital TV or monitor with HD media streaming (up to 720p resolution) as well as still image (up to SXGA+ at 1440 x 1050 resolution) supported by the DVI output. Besides, a standard 3.5mm audio jack has been integrated that can easily extend the audio streaming for greater multimedia experience. To make it much more useful, there are additional two USB ports catering for mouse and keyboard for control and input. All these are supported by seamless and real time UWB technology in the range of 3.168 to 4.752GHz (WiMedia band group 1).

Compatible to work with most PC (minimum hardware requirements of 1.6GHz speed and 512MB memory RAM) running on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, AT-PCLINK is priced at $169 and is already available now specifically suitable for those that need an extended KVM docking station for smaller screen laptop system in digital home.