Previously we mentioned about BitFinder and Primitive Duplicate Finder that can help to detect duplicate copies in your hard disk space, now here is a tiny utility, named as Auslogics Duplicate File Finder that can perform similar task to free up some space for your hard disk by deleting the duplicate copies without the need of upgrading to larger size hard disk drive.

Users can selectively choose which folders or directories to check for duplicated files by ticking on the folders respectively. By default, it will cover the subfolders/sub directories but in case you don’t want to search them, just un-tick it at own preference. Next, there are selections on how specific or accurate by defining the matching criteria such as Match name, size, date and time and even contents. Besides, users can choose to ignore files that smaller than certain file size (for instance, less than 1MB) or file types such as Images, video, audio, applications and etc. Once configured, you are ready to go and for my case, surprisingly I managed to detect 58 duplicated files that can potentially free up at least 200MB of my hard disk space after removing these files. Good thing is, users can view the folder path, size and confirm the deletion by just highlighting the respective files followed by a click on ‘Delete’ button.

Consumed at around 1.7MB of your hard disk space, Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is powerful enough and can easily help you free up significant amount of hard disk space for optimum PC performance.