Previously we mentioned about Primitive Duplicate Finder and Fast Duplicate File Finder that can help to detect and clean up the duplicated copies in your hard disk drive. If you are not completely satisfied with either of them, now there is a new alternative, named as BitFinder that you may want to consider when in a situation to delete some redundant data and eventually freeing up your space constraint hard disk space.

Once install and launch the utility, you will be brought to a simple GUI. Without complicated setup, users can begin to specify the folders that intend to be searched under the ‘Search in’ box. Do take note that if you select the local drives or computer directory following by a click on ‘Search’ button may not able to trigger the searching activities unless users specify on the directories by choosing ‘Others’, then browse on the specific directories. Tick on the ‘Include subfolders’ will include the sub-directories to be searched as well depending on the needs. Also users can specify the file types, either document, image, audio, video and etc. Besides, it also supports encryption protocols such as SHA1 or MD5 and good thing is, the utility can be integrated into shell context menu for faster operation without the need to launch the utility manually.

However, one thing it lacks is the ability to view the duplicated files in preview mode and the only way is to open the file from its location to examine if the file can be deleted without worry. Nevertheless, users can choose to copy or move the duplicated files to any folders, including any external removable drive for backup. Impressingly, it managed to detect thousands of duplicated copies in my local hard disk in less than 7 minutes. Consumed at only 700kB, BitFinder is definitely a great utility to free up some of your hard disk space by detecting and deleting duplicated copies for optimum Windows system performance.