Looks like Microsoft is finally going to implement one of the most requested, if not one of the most should have implemented feature, i.e. ability for operating system to automatically change or rotate among selected wallpapers as desktop background, in the feature named Desktop Slideshow. Before Windows 7, Microsoft opted to add Windows Dreamscene to Vista, which although impressive, but still lack the rotation functionality.

Desktop Slideshow is designed to deliver a new method for Windows users to set up the desktops, while at the same time served as a middle point between a traditional wallpaper and an animated video background as enabled by DreamScene. Although it’s not a complete DreamScene replacement, but the feature will allow users to enjoy an rotating as if animated desktop background automatically changed based on selected list images, photos or pictures located in a folder. To see how Desktop Slideshow works to automatically change desktop background wallpapers, check out the video demo below.

Currently, as in early beta of Windows 7, users can pause the desktop background wallpapers slideshow rotation when notebook computers is running on battery power, can set the transition interval of from 10 seconds to one day frequency, configure transition effect and has ability to randomize the order of images to appear in slideshow.

For users who download and install Windows 7 pre-Beta Build 6801 Milestone 3, Desktop Slideshow is disabled and locked by default. To enable and unlock the feature, a hack is required.