Grisoft is giving away free AVG Anti-Virus Professional edition latest version 7.5 for 1 year which normally costs $29.95 for license and 1 year subscription for virus signature update as part of promotion with ComputerActive magazine and VNU reader.

Thousands of freebie deal catchers rush to and server to download the AVG AntiVirus Pro setup installer with embedded serial key, pushing the server resource and bandwidth limit, causing the download to be slow. Some users resort to download from file sharing sites, where avg7_503a1171_vnu.exe has been shared. However, it’s a bad idea to download security software from unverified third party source. Beside, the AVG AntiVirus Pro 7.5 promotional free download offer on Computeract!ve server will expire on 17th January 2008, and interested users won’t be able to download the free AVG Pro installer anymore.

Here is a trick to allow users to download latest release of AVG Anti-Virus Professional 7.5 directly from publisher, and also enjoy usage of free 1 year license subscription and upate till 1 December 2008. The trick is not a hack, crack nor it’s a keygen (key generator).

As mentioned, the installer for AVG Pro downloaded from Computeractive website automatically enter a license/sales number that is the same for all downloaders. The serial number or product key is not unique ID, and AVG AntiVirus Pro that is installed the this serial code will expire on 1st December 2008, unless users pay to renew.

So, for faster download or those who have to download after 17th Jan. 2008 when the link on FTP server supposed to expire, simply download the 30 day AVG Anti-Virus Professional Edition 7.5 trial version from (current version 7.5.516 published on December 19, 2007 is avg75avwt_516a1225.exe).

Then run the setup executable to start the AVG Anti-Virus Professional installation. When prompted to enter license or sales number, delete the trial key away from the box (something like 75TRIAL-TTS0D-P03-C01-S25N0H-112-DWVV) and replace with the following free license key:


Once installation finished, you will have valid and legit AVG Anti-Virus Professional 7.5 with subscription till Dec 1, 2008.

Update: Free license also applicable to AVG Anti-Virus 8.0.