Environmental problems can sometimes seem so overwhelming because they happen on a global scale. Yet positive changes can only arise through individual awareness and action. Environmentalists have worked tirelessly to remind individuals to conserve energy by the simple act of switching off the power supply when electrical devices are not in use. If only there was a bug to silently turn off all switches when we leave a place, this will help us to do our part for the environment. Cool and adorable looking, Bugplug is perhaps the answer to forgetfulness and sheer carelessness.

Bugplug is an innovative product from Polish Ah&Oh Studio which is designed to monitor and turn on/off devices when users enter or exit a room. Via the built-in motion sensors on the tip of the antenna, BugPlug will be able to detect when users enter a room and automatically turn on all the electronic gadgets. When users leave the room, the adorable device will also detect and thence turn off the gadgets via an adjustable programmed timer which is located on its belly.